ok, so lets blog…

So until my coding skills have passed the trogelodite stage, I have to blog using windows spaces (I’m a ho). I have done so in the past but cant remember my password, I suck. I’m currently sat somewhere in Lancaster univeristy, not through any acedemic skills but due to the fact that my girlfreind is there and I can generally escape my family up here. I suppose you all want a brief account of how I got to this…well you’re not gona get it. Bite me.
Needless to say that jobhunting with Alevels is surprisingly hard. Seriously.
Anyway, enough of my failures. I want to study physics with astrophysics and cosmology at university. Sounds hard, doesnt it? Well I think that the hardest thing for me is that I dont have enough UCAS points. Nuts. Im a full 50 short. But I know that physics as a whole gets into clearing, mainly because you have to work at it and its not Media Studies. Now I dont have a problem with Media studies, but whats the point of it? Its fine being able to deconstruct adverts, film themes, music and characters, but if we all do that who the hell is going to out them back together again? Nobody’s going to know how! So as long as I get my application in,I can go through clearing and get the course I want.
What the frell am I listening to? Best years of our lives? On the Shrek soundtrack? My ears have never been so offended. Quick! Must…find…blues…brothers….
Where are they? Damn media player, dumb user interface…
*changes music*
Ive got till 15th of January to get a reference from college (Mr Dempsey hopefully-the only tutor I listened to. Mind you, he was the only one that threatened you with GBH if your work wasn’t in on time. I did love electronics so.), write my personal statement, finish my UCAS and generally win. Considering that I’m such a huge loser, this is going to be interesting. And by that I mean, oh god oh god, Im going to die!
PS Joss Wheedon, please don’t sue me. I’m a browncoat through and through. *Insert Firefly and Serenity plugs here*
But in the way of all that is (of course) xmas and new year. And (natually) the warhammer 40k winter war. Its not my fault, the dice gods are truely against me! Plus the fact that I don’t have a penny, never mind two to rub together. Mind you,I think the winter war doesnt start till the 15th as it is. So perhaps I do have more luck than I generally think. Though I do need to do my Dark Eldar Army. Why are they going down the pan? I cant understand it. Granted, they do have a big hole with not having any tanks, but the more than make up for it with being the fastest army in the game.
Do I qualify as a mature student? (Sorry, just to go back to university for a moment.) I’m confused.
Why can’t there be a SIMPLE way to apply for uni?
Do you want to go to uni?     yes/no     (delete as appropriate)
What course do you want to study? ______________________________________________________
At which University? _____________________________
Will you be needing financial assisstance?    yes/no  (if you answer yes, the inland revenue will assess how much)
There you go. Thats all thats needed, surely?
Yes it is and dont call me that, I hear you all cry.
But Ive got to go now, so long suckers!
Edit: perhaps refering to perspective readers as ‘suckers’ isn’t such a good idea. Get humped.

One thought on “ok, so lets blog…

  1. hello caveman! how u doing? lol
    where u gonna be going to uni???
    Just to let you know.. I applied to uni 2 weeks before sept term started,… and I got in… with two a levels! lol
    u\’ll be fine! haha!
    Sam xx


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