Blogging should be done on a regular baisis…

Well, first things first; as I was none to subtly reminded, blogging should be indeed done on a regular baisis, but when you can’t get on the internet frequently its hard to. But my apologies!
Anyway, what to tell; where to begin? Since blogged last I have:
1- Had lots of fun and frolics at christmas (which we might get to in a minute)
2- Got engaged–new years eve was interesting
3- Found a job
4- Found an apprenticeship…and so university is definately out of the picture, not that it was likely me going in the forst place, as they didnt seem to want to touch me. Not that I want random people touching me. The attention might be nice though(exclusively girls)…ok, digging a hole here…
5- Quit the first job
I suppose you all want to know what I got for x-moose? Well you aint going to get told much,needless to say I got a very nicely wrapped Cherise, but aside from that youre not getting told a thing.
Unless you ask nicely.
#..’Think’ plays in the background..#
Life is good.
Anyway, what did you get for x-moose?
….Yep, keep on talking, I can’t hear you, I was only pretending to be interested anyway.
So Cherise and myself decided to go to a newyear’s eve ball (for no other reason than to get extraordinarily pissed. Apparently) and straight after ald langs aye* had finished I dropped to one knee…and she said yes. (So its her fault, any motion needs to be seconded in order for it to be carried!)
*I know Ive spelt it wrong, but when it can’t even be ars–bothered–to be in English, what does it expect of me?
So within the first week of January I hot a phone call from Millets saying, we want an ‘informal chat’ which apparently means, ‘we want to give you a job, PLEASE come and work for us.’ Minimum wage, but 30%offoutdoor equiptment. So obviously a scout leader says yes.
So for the most of jan I was working there, then about 4 days ago an electrical company headhunted me offering an appreniceship as an electrical engineer.
Bye bye millets
My boss hates me,lol

One thought on “Blogging should be done on a regular baisis…

  1. Heya Sam!Your blogs given me a chuckle.hehe. Well im surprised you have announced your engagement on here, cos I thought you and Cherise were wanting to tell people when you see them!
    Well I got a quarter more to go on my essay. Hit 1500 yesterday, and gotta be in tomorrow so still got some writing to do!
    Hope I hear from you soon!
    Sweetpea Hayley :p


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