Wow! Me bloggy again! (A rare occurance)

So here we are eh? Almost a year out of college and what have I been up to? Not that much apparently!
I am sat at my desk at work (its not just my desk, its a work-station of some variety that I have claimed as my own) on my lunchbreak, before you all start calling me names for skipping on my work, and I truely I think I can count the things I have done on one hand. Thats quite appaling for a 19 year old man of 150+ IQ.
But, I am doing good things. I am now only 1 thing off completeing my DofE gold award! Im in an apprenticeship at a nice electronics firm in Lytham. Im so close to becoming a fully warrented Scout leader its untrue. And my Dark Eldar army hasn’t moved on a bit.
Although I do have a mountain of terrain I have completed in my room, so they have lots of places to fight, there’s just not that many of them to do so…
Running a car is expensive, even when they’re working fine. but my good 1997 Rover 100 does 70 mpg when I drive it, and it can do 80 mph…it doesn’t like it that much, but it can do it…
Im thinking of naming it the Millenium Falcon, although that would infringe on SO many copyrights. But its just like the Falcon, it may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, and she can do the kfc run in less than eight parsecs. Anyway, before my boss comes along and sees me breaking the ‘Misuse of compters at work’ contract that I had to sign, I better go.
Back to work…yay.
Here I go….
…Maybe I should just declare I’m not a British national and live off the state…I’d get more money and wouldn’t have to do a thing…
And remember kids, start everyday with a Dickin’s Cider!

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