The entire story of My Dirty Weekend Away

Hello folks! What did you all get up to on the Easter weekend?
Four day weekends are great, especially when you get paid for two of them. *Smugness* So, with my time off, Cherise and myself went up to the lakes for a ‘walking’ holiday. Lukilly most people saw through this paltry excuse for what it really was…A Dirty Weekend Away! (Henceforth known as the DWA)
Now before you all get excited, youre not going to get told [all] of the details! But please keep reading. Seriously, because I have your dog/cat/childhood teddy here, and if you dont, Fido/Fudge/Freddo here gets it.
So on Friday morning, we set off, at about 10:30 ish, which is half an hour later than I wanted, but it was all good. Not too much traffic getting up there, and I did take motorway (Oh YES I did, Sheila). We got to Coniston and onto our campsite and– Nuts its packed. With people who think that caravanning is camping.
howdee normal weirdos! Sam loves Bum S£x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! without lub£!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sam) Dude, I don’t think that you can put that on here…
Sorry bout that folks, Lee’s a co-worker that seems to have a facination with me and homoeroticism.
Help me.
Anyway, there were also a lot of people who’s motor functions dont work unless they’re blaring out crap music at 100Db+ there too. And Hoathwaite farm used to be so nice and Quiet. That nite I asked (In as many words) ‘Oh, pardon me for intruding upon your little party, but would you mind awfully if you turned it down?’ Well perhaps it wasnt as polite as that, but it was past Midnight. Day two on the DWA C and I went the LONG way into Coniston. actual distance from campsite into Coniston 3 Km, My way about 15!
No, we didnt get lost, we actually went on a hike. On purpose. Really!
Well I kniow youre not really interested, because I told you I had your dog/cat/cuddly toy, so Ill wrap up by saying I got my own back on the towny campers by scaring them up something rotten and the DWA was a DWA 😉
Remember never get in the way of me and sleep or food. You WILL regret it…
Now before Lee comes at me with something that looks painful Im off.
Edit: I know this isnt the full story, but reply to the post and I might be pursuaded to tell all at a later date.

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