I have OH SO many headaches.

1: Ok to start I have Kibbin violarting me with either a pepsi bottle or digitally (with his finger). Which might sound really bad, but it is actually worse. Plus he is making me write this at the same time. So apologies for the inherent spelling mistakes.
“Whats the difference?” I hear you all cry!
Shaddap!2: Cherise has been away for just over a month and so my balls are massive.

3: Well the past month has been ‘interesting’. And by that I mean that my fidelity has been tested on so many occaisions. Not that I did anything, but my ‘second brain’ only just lost out on one or two occasions. For those of you that dont know men have two brains, one in their head and one almost as small in their ‘HEAD’. (not explaining)


4: Now, I went up to uni (Lancaster) for a month for a ‘Im too dumb to survive at uni’ course; which, as with anything I do, was a near disaster. And with this I lost a month’s pay. YAY me!

5: I actually HAVE a headache

6: I cant get past a level on C+C

7: I feel like Im going to dissapoint C when she gets back. Its going to take about 2 minutes. AND THAT INCLUDES THE TIME IT TAKES TO EAT THE PIZZA.

(music: it sucks to be me, avenue q soundtrack)

But I have my own laptop, and for the past month I had unrestricted access to the Internet.
Not so bad…I suppose

Oh and by the way ladies about that ‘second brain’. The ‘second brain’ causes men to act like jerks, its not our frault have pity on us men.
We know we act like jerks at times, NO seriously we do, and weve decided (all us men) to get together and sort it out! I dont know exactly when its going to be, I’m not part of the ‘inner sanctum’ thats reserved for guys like Nathan Fillion and Sean Connery the Menly Men. But Ive heard its soon.

Like next Tuesday.

For example.

At 12:46



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