Wow, lancaster is….well….kinda crappy

Well, as those sad enough to keep a regular check on my blog already probably know, Im at University.
Woot. Fear my pwnage-leetness etc.
Not working 8-5 anymore, hotties-a-plenty, Brain useage, Ive found new wahammer players.
Uni workload soon going to overwhealm me
Cherise would kill me if I even looked at the hotties 😦
Im sure my brain died whilst I was working (where the wittiest comment uttered was something about a fellow worker being a ‘tranny’*)
All the Warhammer players will know the game AT least as well as me, so here begins the biggest loosing streak of all time
Oh, and Im claustrophibic, so cant go out without a panic attack setting in. No sociologising for ME…
*To which my reply was OMFGUBERLOLLERSAUROUSREXWTFBBQ!!!! They then all looked confused…sigh
Oh, I walked out of work. Ha, go me.

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