My Dr Who trailer

Right, so Kib made one of these and posted it up on his LJ so in true Twibz style I made one I liked.
I am especially proud of getting the Judoon soldiers opening the door being timed so perfectly.
See for yourselves

*Edit; Two things:

1: I suggest that after it loads you just play it for a second or two and then start again. It sometimes messes up the beggining otherwise.

2: I by no way meant for the top line to read like I didnt like Kib’s trailer. I did like it. I meant that I wanted a go too.


2 thoughts on “My Dr Who trailer

  1. I tried to make it seem epic by keeping the Doctor off-screen as long as possible. I was toying around with the idea of keeping the part with the black hole just a blank screen. I also wanted to keep those two annoying bloody women off screen too. But I liked watching Matha cry that much I had to share!
    My alternate ending would have been the same more or less, but with it flashing the doctor being tourtured/hurt, but the program isnt that advanced.
    Good 15min play though


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