My Weekend

Here’s an account of my weekend.

There we go all done. Seriously I did nothing at all…

ARGH!! I hate it when I do that. Well I’ll start on Friday then, to make it seem like I did more.

On Friday I had my maths exam. I didn’t feel like I did too bad on it either, which is what has gotten me worried a bit. As I said before, I’m not quite sure wether I did maths or whether maths did me! (Which is never going to get old) I would also like to show you the simple fundamental mathematical inequality:

Maths > Me

Which looking at it might explain why I’m not too happy about feeling like I didn’t do that bad.

Well after maths, some of the other dispossessed engineers and myself decided to go for a chippy tea, cigar and a pint. Which ended up with me playing the piano. 🙂

On Saturday I got up and decided (for some reason) that I would go home. I looked in my wardrobe for some boxers. Only my man-thong. Seriously. I had no choice. Undeterred I put it on, packed up the rest of my clothes and headed for home with the heaviest laundry bag in the world. I had to drag it to the University Gates in order to catch a bus back to Blackpool. The 42 promptly turned up (for a change) and didn’t have a shed load of chavvy kids on board (also a change). (11AM) Finally I arrived at home to be jumped by my brother for not calling him as I was coming through the door. Even though I did. Three times.

My brother and his NOT girlfriend* after the routine faffing then scooted into town(1PM). They asked if I wanted to tag along, but the last time I did that with them was the pride weekend and I didn’t want another surprise like that. Politely I declined. They then left me alone to do my thing. Which was going to be washing, but a load was already in. So I climbed upstairs and found KILLZONE and started to play it. At about 6 I thought that it was time to put my wash in. Then  Mum and Ian came back and we had a chippy tea. Again…

At about midnight I thought it would be a good idea for me to stop playing KILLZONE. So I went downstairs to get a tea/coffee/other beverage and ended up watching Scrubs till like half 2.

At 9 in the morning on Sunday I was rudely woken by the all too familiar sound of “Thunder-Foot” (my brother) running up and down the stairs in the loudest manner possible. He was trying to find his dive stuff.


I was not happy, but I got up. The most of Sunday was then spent on KILLZONE because Kibby was in the lakes 😦

I completed it though 😀


And that was my weekend.


*This itself is a long story


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