My Day

Today started in a bad way. I woke up at 8 for an exam I had at half nine. Which MIGHT not sound so bad, but I needed to check up a few bits and pieces online etc. So at about 11:30 I come out of the exam that should have ended at quarter past one. However it was electronics, so I probably did alright.

I then took a walk up to the main venue for the exam (as I’m one of the special people) and decided to wait for Marky. After about 10mins of waiting, I decided to text him to see where he was. HE was already in Trevor having a pint! So somewhat annoyed for being uninvited, I stormed down to Trev. What he didn’t tell me was that there was a climbing meeting going on. Grrr.

Then I decided (after a pint, being in a pub after all) to go to the chippy to get a Jumbo and Chips and Gravy. Resisting the urge to eat them till I got back in, I was not disappointed. Just as I had done the ‘washing up’ (binning the wrappers) I gets a knock on the door and a ‘Der Meister? Halo?’  coming from the other side. German MIKEY!!!! YAY!!! So Mikey comes in for a bit, and then another knock. CHRIS!!!! WOO!! This is when the day was officially better.

Apparently I said I was going to go into town to get a victory cigar*. Which I now remember. Now. So all three of us then went into town to go get me and Chris a victory cigar. In town we got:

20 small cigars, 2 victory cigars, 3 pints, 1 coke, 2 mixed grills, a cadian command squad and a krootox.

So a little more than what we actually needed! But finally we went back to university and German Mikey took his leave. Chris decided (at 6ish) that we were then going to go down to the Waterwitch to have a pint. I foolishly agreed. Ungerman Mike then joined us.

The total distance for the route we took was like 4 miles there and (obv) 4 back. In total this took us about 2.5-3 hrs. Which aint that bad!

So aside from coming back and going on MSN and being a prick to Cherise that was my day!

* A victory cigar is a special cigar that should ONLY be smoked when something REALLY good or REALLY bad has just happened. It its called a victory cigar however, in the vain hope that good things happen on a more regular basis than bad things do. This is incorrect.



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