Engineering Society Social

Music: More Pretty Girls Than One, Hayseed Dixie.

A Three Legged Bar Crawl I feel needs little more explanation really, but I think that the funniest thing about the night by far has to be communal peeing.
Now, before we get launched into said tale I feel that I might have to inform any female readers out there of some of the unwritten rules of the “Men’s room.”

Today we will be looking at two of said rules:
1: Absolutely NO talking
2: You cannot use a urinal that is directly next to one currently in use.
We will also discuss how it came about that myself and Ben (Onley)* managed to break these sacred laws.

Because Ben and myself were NOT going to be beaten by anyone we agreed that we would communally pee. And so, when we were in the Bowland Trough I informed Ben that I had some good and some bad news. Upon him asking me what they were, I told him that I wanted a walk. But it was to the loo.

But I REALLY needed a pee. It took like 2 minutes.

Right, got a party to get to.


*Who is strangely Matt H’s cousin. A fact that almost made my head implode.


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