Just to let people know

This is indeed (as it may look like) a bookchair.
It is a chair for my book. Presumably to stop it from getting tired from having to stand up.
Lazy book.


On my uselessness meter I think I have to give this 7/10
Above Paris Hilton (which isn’t a bad place to be) but under Jade Goody (which really, really is).




3 thoughts on “Just to let people know

  1. Or it could be used to display a page at reading level for a long period of time?
    And paris is better than Jade Goody how, as far as I can tell and I am an un-celebrity person who would think they r both just really low rate wannabe celebs with no actual talent?


  2. Yes you goit, well done the chair is for that. It was a sarcastic observation.
    Who would you rather be on top/underneath of?


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