Well I have a few spare minutes, so Ill blog!

Music: Frustration, Hayseed Dixie
Aside from battling against the rumours that have been going round about me Ive been:
Back to Blackpool to visit Young Master Luke 2 times
Back to Blackpool to do 2 bonfires (At the same time as going to see Young Master Luke)
And went out as one of the Big Three (Plus honoured guest)


And have been kicking ass with weight loss and Gaming.

Thats about it, apart from…

IT CAME!!! My Chaplin Dreadnaught!!
The enemies of mankind shall run from me or be crushed by this monstrosity.
Yesterday it single handedly took out 6 or 7 sternguard and a librarian on its own.
Its worth 150 (when armed with the plasma cannon) and took out (25*6 + 100=) 250 points at least!!
It kicks ass. Simple.

Right; got to go to a lecture that I’m pretty sure was cancelled anyway.



6 thoughts on “Well I have a few spare minutes, so Ill blog!

  1. It was just so damn funny to watch this thing take out the most powerful squad my opponent had on the table.His face was a picture :DDrop pod: BOOMSternguards: YEEAARRRGHHHChaplin Dreadnought: O, HELLO SQUISHIES!Sternguards: *Gak*


  2. Although, the worst fail of the day had to be my Chaplin with my Sternguard squad. I decided to be cunnin\’ and use a drop dop for their insertion into play. However, the orbiting battle barge they were being launched from had other ideas.The were delayed till the end turn :(Oh, it gets better.So; the drop pod lands, blows its hatches, and the Squad all piles out.The Chaplin turns to the squad and quickly says: "Split up. You five go that way; the other five, the opposite. I shall take on this tank!"Sternguard: "Umm, ok…."*Chaplin lines up his sights*…*Takes aim*…*Pulls trigger**Gun overheats*Chaplin: "Damn…"


  3. Um..I think it should be renamed the big 4 🙂 Just because i tripled the fun!
    Also who has spreading lies about you, dont they know you have a friend with contats…powerful contacts!!
    See you soon.


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