I finished it! Codex: Firefly

This is a quick set of rules to represent the crew of Serenity in a game of 40k, just for run. They are silly and overpowered, but they are also expensive. So, a little while into our future, in a solar system just round the corner, I give you:

Codex: Firefly

This list is incomplete. Among other things, I have not put Serenity itself up here. This is for two reasons: 1, it would be very hard to come up with fair rules for  and 2, I really can’t be arsed at this moment in time. All of the rules here are roughly based on watching the show and film, some things may seem out of place or odd, but if you think them over you’ll see that they make sense.
I think that the crew of Serenity would be very well placed in a 400pts Combat patrol mission. If you would like to use Serenity’s crew in a normal game of 40k I think they would fit in the Elites slot very nicely. Please don’t try to pass my list off as your own, it took quite a long time to do this and as such it is a labour of love. List originally posted 16th November 2008 on http://www.twibzprime.spaces.live.com please leave comments/suggestions on there.



Range  S Ap  Type                 Notes

18”        4   –    Pistol (18”)    -1 to BS if on the move (modifier in brackets on Inara’s profile)

As part of their training, Companions are expected to take up hobbies. Self defence is compulsory, as sadly there are some unsavoury types out there. Among others, one of Inara’s hobbies is archery, and having practiced it for 15 years she is now quite proficient.

Independence Pistol
As Laspistol, but with Strength 4

Independence Rifle
As Lasgun, but with Strength 4

Independence Shotgun
As Shotgun, but with Strength 4.

This is a kit carried round by Simon at times and in places where he knows his skills at healing will be needed. It confers the Feel No Pain special rule to all crew members within 6” of Simon while he is still alive.

A basic first aid kit given to all Companions at the beginning of their training. This allows Inara to ignore the first failed armour save each turn. This ability can be used on either herself or any other crew member that is in coherency with Inara.

Laser cutters, sonic screwdrivers, pliers, multi-meters, whatever you can care to mention, 10 Credits says either Wash or Kaylee will have it in one of their tool boxes. In game terms this means that Kaylee and Wash can repair damaged vehicles. If either of them are in base contact with a damaged vehicle at the start of the movement phase, then roll a D6; on a 6, one weapon destroyed or immobilised result is taken off the vehicle. However, if both Kaylee and Wash are fixing the same vehicle, they improve each other’s fix roll by 1+. If either of them were being transported by the vehicle, repairs cannot be done from the inside; however, they may immediately disembark and begin the repair.
If the vehicle is not fixed in a turn, the crew member attempting the repair cannot do anything else that turn. They are far too busy attending to the repair.

This is Jayne’s “very favourite gun” It is treated as a heavy bolter that can be fired in one of two modes:
Mode 1: as per the normal heavy bolter
Mode 2: as heavy bolter, but range 18” and is assault 3
However, if Jayne uses Vera in Mode 1, “she” is treated as having the Rending special rule.

Special Rules

Battle Hardened
Surviving war is tough, those that do for a long enough time develop the skills to keep themselves alive for longer. As such, a model with the Battle Hardened special rule add 1+ to any cover save they might be benefitting from. Furthermore they may set up using the Infiltrate special rules

Big Damn Heroes
They aim to misbehave. All models in this codex reroll 1s to hit in the shooting phase.

This applies to all the entries in this codex. Not all of the crew have to be bought, sometimes situations don’t call for certain skills; as such you can make up your crew from which ever members you wish. However, the only exception to this is that Mal must be present if any other crew members are. They were hired by him, after all.

Only crew members that have the Driver special rule can drive vehicles.

Fluid Fighter
No one knows how the Reverend can fight like he does, or how he knows so much about just about every damned thing; maybe it’s  plain better that way. On a turn in which he charges, Book can reroll any misses in close combat AND benefits from the Furious Charge special rule

The crew of Serenity are all Independent Characters as detailed in the Warhammer 40K rulebook. Furthermore, they can be fielded as one unit or all singularly (or any mixture of) with the exception of River and Simon that (most of the time) have to stay together.

Only crew members with the Pilot special rule can pilot aircraft/spaceships. Note Grav vehicles are tanks and not aircraft/spaceships

This entry also applies to all of the list. Serenity’s crew learn to not waste things, and as such whenever an enemy model is killed by any of the crew, that crew member may take equipment off the poor individual. This DOES include weaponry. Yes Mal could end up carrying a Lascannon. Deal with it.

Some Days Are Not So Good…
River has problems. Perhaps this is something of an understatement, perhaps not. Either way, some days she is like a toddler and others she is a serene young woman. To represent this, at the beginning of a battle, roll a d6 and consult the table below

D6 score


Bad Day


Normal Day


Lucid Day

Only on one of her Lucid Days does Simon let River out of his sight; and as such at all other times, River must remain in the same unit as him. On a Bad Day, however, Simon is that preoccupied with River he can’t do much else; on a Bad Day, River and Simon (and any other Crew member in the same unit) move like they were in difficult terrain. Furthermore to this; should Simon get removed as a casualty, River instantly reverts to being on a Lucid Day.

Army List

Captain Malcom “Mal” Reynolds 70pts

“What was that?” Asked Mal, looking out of the front screen, “Was that our front stabiliser?”
“It certainly looked like it!” Quickly replied Wash, somewhat distracted by re-entry.
“Perfect!” He shouted, hands now in the air, gesturing to where the stabiliser should be, “We now have no front stabiliser, are we gonna be OK?”
“Umm…” Wash looks at Mal. The captain makes his way toward the ship’s loudhailer and picks up the mic to talk into.
“This is the Captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then… explode and die.”
Jayne enters the room, “We’re gonna explode? I don’t want to explode, Mal!”

Crew Member           Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Malcom Reynolds       4     5    3   4   3  4  3   9    4+

Weapons and Equipment

Independence pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Independence Rifle, Krak and Frag grenades.

Special Rules
Battle Hardened

Give Melta bombs +10pts

First Mate Zoë Warren-Washburn 65pts

“I didn’t see you there” said Tracy, tucking back into his beans. After saving his life, Zoë simply crouches and says to him, “First rule of battle, little one: Don’t ever let them know where you are.”
At that precise moment, the shelling and shooting began anew at the south side of the complex. They look over, and Mal runs in with guns blazing. “I’m right here! I’m right here! You wanna come in? Yeah you do! C’mon! C’mon!”
Zoë lowers her head, somewhat defeated by her Sergeant’s actions. She mumblesCourse, there’s other schools of thought…”
Mal spots his friends by the fallen column, he scrambles his way toward them and sits down, saying, “My, that was bracing! They don’t like it when you shoot at ’em. I worked that out myself.”
They both look at him, blankly. “Damn Tracy, ain’t you dead yet? I wanted your beans…”

Crew Member                        Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Zoë Warren-Washburn        5    4     3  4   3   4  3   10  4+

Weapons and Equipment
Independence Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Independence Shotgun, Krak and Frag grenades

Special Rules
Battle Hardened

Give Melta bombs +10pts

Ships Pilot, Hoban “Wash” Washburn 50pts

Something hit the ship. “My God, what was that!?” Shouted the Captain, looking like daggers at his pilot.
“It’s OK,” replied Wash, flashing his gaze back momentarily to explain “I’m a leaf on the wind!”
“…What does that mean?!”

Crew Member                             Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Hoban “Wash” Washburn       3    3     3   3   2   3  2   8    4+

Weapons and Equipment
Autopistol, Tools.

Special Rules

“Public Relations” Jayne Cobb 55pts

Jayne turned to leave “Why didn’t you turn on me, Jayne?” Asked the Captain, in his matter-of-fact way.
Jayne stops. “Money wasn’t good enough” He turns back to face his employer.
Mal picked up his coffee, “What happens when it is?” He sips.
“Well,” replies Jayne, smiling, “That’ll be an interesting day…”
Mal smiles back “I suppose it will…”

Crew Member   Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Jayne Cobb          5     5   4    4    3   3  3   8    4+

Weapons and Equipment
Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Krak and Frag grenades

Special Rules
Battle Hardened

Replace Boltgun with Vera +10pts
Equip with Melta bombs +10pts


Kaywinnit Lee “Kaylee” Frye, Ships Mechanic 35pts

Serenity’s Mechanic’s face lights up from being in the room. She’d dreamt of being a princess from the age of 5, this was as real as it was ever going to be, “These girls have the most beautiful dresses.” She looks down at her dress, and begins to stroke it a little, “And so do I — how about that?”
Mal grabs her gaze. “Yeah, well, just be careful.” He begins to look around, she follows suit; “We cheated Badger out of good money to buy that frippery, and you’re supposed to make me look respectable.
They look at each other again and Kaylee smiles, “Yes, sir, Cap’n Tightpants.”

Crew Member              Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Kaywinnit Lee Frye      2     3   3   3  2   3  1   7   4+

Weapons and Equipment
Auto Pistol, Tools

Reverend “Shepherd” Derrial Book 65pts

The Captain turned round to Book, eyebrow raised, and asked “Shouldn’t you be takin’ your religion and bringin’ the light to them Fuzzy-Wuzzies or some such?”
“Oh,” replied the Shepherd, trying not to laugh, “I think I have heathens a plenty right here…”
“I hope you’re not makin’ me your mission Shepherd: if you are, you’re wasting your time.” He turns and starts to leave, “You’re welcome on my boat; God ain’t.”

Crew Member  Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Derrial Book      5    5      3   4  2   4  3  10   4+

Weapons and Equipment
Shotgun, Krak and Frag grenades

Special rules
Fluid Fighter
Battle Hardened


River Tam “Little Albatross” 40pts

Mal turns to his ship’s doctor, now very annoyed that the cows were getting spooked by his sister “Soon as we unload, she can holler until our ears bleed. Although,” He turns to look at her, “I would take it as a kindness if she didn’t.”
River stopped what she was doing, turned round, put her head to one side and said to them both, “The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.”
Slowly, the Captain’s gaze went back to Simon who was now sighing, “See; morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with,” he points at River “long as she does it quiet-like.”

Crew Member                        Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

River Tam (Lucid Day)         7    7    5  4  4   6   4  10  3+

River Tam (Normal Day)     3    4    4  3  3   4   2   8   4+

River Tam (Bad Day)            2    3    3  3  2   2   1   6   5+

Weapons and equipment.
(Lucid Day) Two One-Handed Power Weapons
(Any other day) ….better to not let her near the sharp shinys, that cut Jayne got still hasn’t healed…

Special Rules
Some Days Are Not So Good…
(Lucid Day) Pilot
(Lucid Day) Rending (Close Combat only)
River cannot be fielded without Simon

Simon Tam, Ship’s Doctor 40pts

Serenity’s doctor walked into his infirmary “What…happened in here?” He asks, carefully making his way through the mess toward Jayne.
The huge man looked over his shoulder at Simon, “Needed to find some tape.” He gets back to what he was doing, uninterested at the Doctor’s presence.
Annoyed, Simon puts his things down on the side where there’s still room “So you had to tear my infirmary apart?”
The Doctor puts his hands on his head “My god — you’re like a trained ape. Without the training!”

Crew Member  Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Simon Tam        2     2     3   3   2  2   1   8   4+

Weapons and Equipment
Autogun. Medi-kit (See special rules).

Special Rules
Some Days Are Not So Good…

Inara Serra, Companion 50pts

Inara sat at the Vidlink by her bed, talking to her old friend “It sounds like the sort of thing this crew can handle.” She looks away, almost smiling, “I can’t guarantee they’ll handle it particularly well, but…”
Nandi, stern yet warm to this friendly face, ventures “If they got guns, and brains at all…”
Inara interrupts, looking directly at the screen again “They have guns.”

Crew Member  Ws  Bs  Ld  Sv

Inara Serra        5   4(3)   3   4   2   4  3  8   4+

Weapons and Equipment
Bow, Medi-pak.

Special Rules

Mule Wheeled 35pts, Grav 45pts

                       Front  Side  Rear   Bs       Notes                                          

Wheeled        10       10       10      *      Transport 3, inc driver                  
                                                               Open topped, fast.             

Grav                10       10       10      *      Transport 5 inc driver,
Open topped, fast, skimmer.

                                                          *As gunner

In times of need, Wash and Kaylee can do some hasty foreigners on their vehicles. As such, either the grav or wheeled Mule can be equipped with:

  • One set of twin-linked Independence Rifles (if this is taken, one crew member must be made Gunner, and their BS is used to resolve shooting attacks. Think of this like the secondary gun in a Universal Carrier, so can be fired in a 360° arc) +10pts
  • Two sets of smoke launchers +5pts
  • Armoured compartments (no longer counts as open topped. Here be serious modelling!) +10pts
  • The Grav variant may have another set of twin-linked Independence Rifles, that are fixed to cover the front arc and are fired by the Driver +10pts

Drivers and Gunners of vehicles may disembark, but the vehicle cannot move or shoot respectively when there is no Driver or Gunner.


Horses 10pts

Horses my be purchased for any model. This changes the model’s type to Cavalry  and they gain an extra wound. When that first wound is lost however, the model reverts back to Infantry.
Modellers, go nuts.


9 thoughts on “I finished it! Codex: Firefly

  1. Very nice dude.
    However I\’ve been thinking shudn\’t Inara have a close combot weapon i.e a sword and shudn\’t she be very gud wit it. I don\’t know how u wud change the rules to do tht.


  2. Noted bud. I might make it so that her sword makes her Strength 4. Also the idea of giving certain characters horses appealed.For 20 pts it would let said character move like cavalry/beasts and give them an extra wound. But after the first wound, the horse dies and said character would revert to moving like normal infantry.


  3. But they don\’t actually keep em liying around do they?. Maybe you could keep em in the game and they can steal em like weapons.


  4. But no other model in the game would be able to use them.They had cows on-board for a little spell. Maybe they could be cows, not horses 😉


  5. And what if they\’re not smuggling cattle at the time, U can\’t ride bobbly head dolls into battle dude. That would just be silly.


  6. So I’m rereading this after 7 and a half years (no really) and I never played them.
    This was made in 5th Ed and the game is so different now.

    I will play these rules and tweak them this year, looking at the rules a few things are off, but not by a long shot.

    Looking forward to making a warthog or two and being Big Damn Heroes.


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