What do you do with a sunny few days?

Oh, where to begin?!


Marvel’s Shavings and Peels. Which is FINALLY picking up.


A fairly standard Saturday, not rushing around. Went into Lancaster for the market. Had a look at Oakenclough sheds…expensive. Not too busy really


Well, take one falling apart shed, add three thugs*, sprinkle crowbars and other impliments, add burning to taste.

YML, Dan (Bro), Me, and Dan (Kib), before...

YML, Dan (Bro), Me, and Dan (Kib), before…

The aftermath
The aftermath

You would not believe the ammount of wood in a fairly standard 8’x12′ shed. Ok, there was a lot of wood IN the shed, but my point stands. Now to get a new shed for the mancave. Preferably in the same location. What with the ivy though, might have to be Ally, or concrete.
Would consider wood, but I’d have to do regular ivy culls :/
Broski and Danielle brought both lunch and tea with them (they can come again), and so for tea we had a BBQ. Win. Dan(bro) thought it would be a laugh to but his empty beer bottle in the fire…

Broski's "helpful" beer bottle
Broski’s “helpful” beer bottle

This is what it looked like the morning after. Git


Double Glazing. Poor Demi, she was scared by loud noises. Was a pretty hasslefree day, aside from when they managed to cut off the phone line, and break one of the glass panels for the door…


Trims on double glazing. Less noise and they were done by 12. And more wood burning from shed and then a trip to B&Q for some flowery things etc and PUB! Then we sat in the sun for a while and Demi came and joined us.

Demi relaxing
Demi relaxing

Thats it!



PS: Shout out to Kib, who said he was going to start his blog this weekend.
5 cookies says he didn’t


*I only say thugs ‘cuz thats wut we luks lyk on da foto n dat.
Yuk, not typing like a 13 year old again anytime soon


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