I’m at it again!

Reading up on the background of 40k is a really bad idea for me…oh hobby butterfly that I am


I read about the Ultramarines Honour Company and Deathwatch Black Shields earlier this/last week.*
The Ultramarine Honour Comany (UHC) is a company that Roboute Guilliman  founded at the end of The Heresy as a constant vigil against any enroaching Chaos threat. (Read above link)

This extra Company exists outside of the standard 10 companies in the Ultramarines’ Chapter. It is made up from volunteers from the Ultramarines and their second founding chapters. Not much is known about them, other than in the old Eye Of Terror codex they are listed as fighing, and in some of the pictures they are simply vanilla-second-company-esque smurfs. These volunteers repaint their power armour to smurf, and fight under the UHC banner. I will HAVE to do a squad or two of these. Merde.

And secondly, Black Shields. These guys are awesome. I was going to be painting a small contingient of Deathwatch (seiously, I like started the build about 2-3 years ago) and since the new SM codex, I’ve thought that Deathwatch marines would work quite well as allies using Imperial Fists rules. I have also thought that I’d like to model a Captain in Centurion Warsuit (rules be damned).
I shall, therefore, be doing both. A Deathwatch Blackshield Captain in Centurion Warsuit. Using intresting bits from around the internets.

They also have a sheild I’d like for the UHC Champ


…and so begins the next part of the neverending crusade…


Slight Man-Cave update:
We got a silly quote from Okenclough (Somewhere in the region of £2300) so this weekend we stopped by someone else and got a quote for a brick-and-mortar garage for ~£2000…guess what we’re going with!


Thanks for stopping by,



*By this I mean “I’ve slept since then, and I can remember it. Therefore I’ve probably not made it up, or was not drinking at the time.”


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