A month slips by…


Well it has been too long, as is the usual state of things, and I haven’t blogged.
The problem, dear reader, is that I have nothing – NOTHING – to tell you about.

Becks, Stuart and I cleared the garden a bit more, and burnt off all but the last of the shed.

Did I mention we’re making way for a GARAGE?!?! Nothing fancy, just 12’x8′ – enough to house a workbench and 6’x4′ gaming table.  Me so happy. I can put beers on. I can has gaming table. I can mod some of my nerf guns. I can has electronics funs. I can has space to get things sorted…etc etc

Rebecca’s Birthingday was on the 12th, and we went out for a nice meal at Del Caleminos (undoubtedly spelt wrong), and also went to go see XMen: DOFP. Which was surprisingly NOT BAD, and even more surprisingly ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD. But then again, anything with Jennifer Laurance running around dressed in nothing but latex will automatically get a few stars in my book.

Ok not anything.


I’ve started reading The Tales of The Ketty Jay series of books. The first one was a gift given to me by Kib, and in a break from tradition, I managed to get to read/play it within 24 months of receiving it*. I loved it so much that I immediately ordered the rest of the series after finishing the first.

These book is like nothing you’ve ever seen before so I doubt you’ll ever like it…lies

I had my first game of Malifaux. Which was a fun game, but the rules were a bit of  mind bender. Just give me my dice back! Having said that, I really liked the card mechanic.

Car needs a new exhaust, tyres and brake pads.

And Rebecca has started her own collection of little model men. And she finally watched Firefly and Serenity.

Oh, we’re also going to Manchester Comic Con.

I think I’m beginning to rub off on her…


So it turns out that I did have a blog in me! Well let’s all hope that it won’t be as long till the next one!

Arrivederci, bastards



* if indeed at all.


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