In the not so distant future

My good freind Kib will be featuring me on his blog soon, this time not unwittingly, go check him out.
He reveiws movies, games, boardgames, and rambles on a lot like me.

Today, Stuart and I will be trying to finish taking the tree out that Dan, Kib and I started last week.

Last Saturday we moved the sleepers that were, long ago, under the shed as SWMBO wants a pew, dug out a trench trying the get this sodding tree out, and burnt more wood.

Not long now till ManchesterComicCon!



4 thoughts on “In the not so distant future

  1. You know it helps if you provide a link to aforementioned blog, also if you come over and play previously mentioned boardgames with me. That’s for those who are interested. So far I’ve covered feminism. why Samuel .L Jackson is bad for the role of Nick Fury and had a go at the most popular card game going
    . Well the second most, okay the third, but you get the point.


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