Weight Gain 4000


I thought it was high time I gave you all a bit of an update on how I’m doing with the battle of the bulge.

On the 14th of October I weighed in at a portly 18st 10lb/262lb, and as of the 28th I’m a slightly less portly 18st 6lb / 258lb. If I can keep up 2 lb a week, then I’ll be 16 stone by the end of February – still overweight, but not obese like I am now.


Don’t get to my weight, kids. Really.
I’m not someone who’s going to sit here and denounce the establishment for my own failings, and inability to keep myself from ballooning up to the point where it is a health problem. I’m not going to cite dubious sources from questionable establishments, pretending to have gained unbiased data that being huge isn’t unhealthy. I’m not going to force you to watch fat/obese/morbidly obese people having sex, and scream in your face that you’re part of the problem if you don’t find it arousing. I’m not going to try and fool people into believing the media is to blame. I’m not going to stomp around Teh Interwebs writing in CAPS: “IT’S MY RIGHT TO BE WHATEVER WEIGHT I WANT TO BE” (Because, yes it is- but it is also other people’s rights to completely not be ok with that, and in the case of close friends or family they also have the right to tell you, you are overweight)

I’m not going to label myself as liberal and open minded, then vehemently decry any form of reasonable argument or opinion I simply don’t agree with; and promptly call out these people with different opinions as thin privileged / brainwashed / sheeple etc just to be proven right in my own little world.



There has been something of a portion explosion in the developed world that I believe was started with the end of rationing after The War.
Hear me out – I’m not going mad, I swear!
Cast your minds back, dear Readers, to when you were young. Who always gave you extra portions, and said “well s/he’s a growing lad/lass”? Your Nan and Gramps.
When did they grow up? Post War Britain. Food rationing ended in ’49 when they were growing up. They associate the contentment of feeling full with the relative affluence and contentment of peace. So portions increased.
That’s my theory, anyway.

Also, and just as important, it’s far cheaper and easier to just whack chips and pizza in the oven with beans on the hob or whatever, than peel and chop veg, prepare and cook your meat etc etc. (And the mentality of needing meat with every meal goes back to rationing, I’m sure. But that’s another topic for another time)


My point is this:

Yes, this has become a bit of a culture. Yes, loosing weight will be hard. Yes, you should feel comfortable in your own skin.
Do not externalise what you yourself are a part of. No fight that was worth fighting was ever easy. The people who love you want the best for you, and the things you don’t like hearing are oft the most important.


Well that went on for a while…and covered more ground than I wanted it to

Hell, maybe next time, I might even talk about how that Spider-Woman cover actually wasn’t sexist.
Though I’m not for ONE MOMENT suggesting that women aren’t sexualised in comix.


/END walloftext



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