A new new job, at an old old place, plus…

Kib does keep on poking me to update, and in a break from tradition I have actually listened to him for once.

Yes, this is an update -Ed.

Ok, so a lot of shit stuff has happened in a short space of time again. Both SWMBO and myself had birthdays, I went down to Heathrow T5 with work for a fortnight. Then Scamright let me go, which just confirmed my suspicions that they had hired lots of people because they needed the bodies in now…

Eh whatever, I have a new job. Back at Lancaster University! (I don’t understand either…) I can’t go into specifics, but its to do with electronics and radiation, what could go wrong? NO I AM NOT BUILDING A BOMB, KIB.

We went to Southport Flower Show because we’re middle-aged/class.

A sleeping Snorlax blocks the path!

We have a new chair to (somewhat) match the sofa in the living room.

SWMBO and I watched What We Do in the Shadows that my good fiend* Kib has reviewed here. WATCH IT.

Armed with biostrip 20 and my old minis, I’m going backwards to make progress.


Here are three tactical squads stripped, reassembled, and all with Ultramarine + squad markings.
Special weapons are magnetised.

I mean business. I’m totally dong this
OOooo, look. Basecoated blue….

That’s about it for now! But first a sneak peak:




*Pun intentional

–OH, I forgot to mention that I’ve also upgraded most of my nerf. Next up will be…the barricade with ammo counter. Then…the clip system ammo counter….


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