I’ll start with an easy one – I chatted to Graham McNeill and we have a new cat.

Firstly SQUEEEEEEEEEEE OMG its Graham McNeill

“Who’s Graham McNeill?” you ask? Only one of THE authors in 40k
He did the Ultramarines Omnibuses (Omnibii?) as well as a heap of other stuff, including some of the Horus Heresy*; so yes part of my Ultramarine obsession is “his fault”.

Upon trawling his blog, I saw he had somewhat recently replayed a scenario from a “while back” (Read 4th edition) to do with the closing chapters of one of his books I HAD TO HAVE IT, I did a bit of google-fu, and unfortunately couldn’t find the scenario. So I did what any sane person would. I emailed him about it…And he replied with it, saying he’d love to know how it would work in 7th, so let him know how it went on. That’s another thing on the “to do” list.


We have a new cat!
We both thought we had enough time to come to terms with Demi passing away, and we started looking for a new cat. Then suddenly we found another little princess cat that would have to be part of our little home. So we got Lucy. And right from the start she’s been right at home, and a semi lapcat. I say semi, because she loves Rebecca and is luke warm to me.
Meh, cats…




*Though I have to admit, I’m stuck on Mechanicum which is one of his. I don’t know, maybe it’s just because it’s not about the Astartes. Graham, I’ll try again for you because I miss Uriel and Pasanius.


6 thoughts on “I’ll start with an easy one – I chatted to Graham McNeill and we have a new cat.

  1. I spend my life around children hoping to inspire them to anything and I get nothing, I leave one snarky comment on a blog and I inspire someone to action. I need to log off for a while and rethink my life 😉


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