On misoginy in nerd culture.

This is a theme I see popping up again and again.

No – Just no. This is the most trumped up shite I think I’ve ever viewed on Teh Interwebs, and that’s saying something.



S-Y-A-D and listen.

There was a rather eloquent response to this “women are oppressed in nerd culture” claim written a few months back. I can’t find it, and should have bookmarked it. Which is a shame, cause it was AWESOME.
You’ll have to forgive my poorly-worded, unwanted, and adopted version:

Quite simply, it’s bullshit.

…I did warn you it wasn’t going to be eloquent.

Those of you who are over the tendr* age of 25 may remember that geeky/nerdy things used to not be popular.
This was regularly the norm.

The Iron Man film changed everything for geeky things, and arguably CoD or Halo did the same for computer gaming. Oh sure, the God Allah FSM Yoda-awful prequel trilogy started the ball rolling, but the MCU got it done.
Thankfully boardgaming and wargaming are still laughted at or shunned, so get off my geeky lawn you no-good kids.
I mean, think about it for a minute. If I came to you in 1995, 2000, or even 2005 and told you that there would be a movie franchise that will have 30 plus movies with interconnecting TV series you would have laughed in my face.
Then if I said it would be using Marvel properties including Rocket Raccoon, you would first have wondered who the fuck Rocket was, then probably died from being unable to breathe due to laughter.
Cast your mind back (those of you who are 25+) to when you were bullied for your love of Star Wars/Trek, Tolkien, D+D, Pokemon etc etc.
Because you were.
And now 20 years later everyone loves that stuff, even the fuckers who bullied you for it?!
The people who punched, tackled, spat at, and worse, at you for liking what you liked and nothing more, or for just being a little different.
The people who laughed at you for speaking.
The people who put their dick in your trombone’s mouthpiece right before practice – whether that was because I’m geeky or musical I’ll never know, but the end result is the same. Yes I still remember that.

That’s where the hate comes from- it has nothing to do with the presence or absence of a vagina.
It just so happens that more girls came into the fandoms during this time too.

“But what about the rape/violence threats?”
The ones only ever given via text on a screen? From someone you’ve never met, nor ever will?
If only there was a way to get rid of them, oh the humanity!
Report/delete and move on with your life.

The geek/nerd culture has been the most warm, open and inclusive (there’s one of my least favourite words again) groups I’ve ever seen. We have had to be; from “metalmouths” to people who suffer with autism and everything inbetween, we accept them all. Because society did not.
That annoying maths kid that was awkward as fuck? They were the best Rogue we ever had in our party.
That kid with tourettes ticks you all laughed at? One mean mutha at 40k, and his models are EPIC.
The girl with acne? “Pizzaface?” She plays clarinet like a dream. And she knows more about Star Wars than you.

Just as religion has nothing to do with someone’s morals, a male (or female for that matter) dominated area has nothing to do with sexism.
This ladies and gentlemen, is called a false positive. It is nothing more.

You see that mug of coffee/pen(cil)/mouse? It keeps away tigers. Yup, 100% tiger repellant. Pretty neat, huh? Of course it works, do you see any tigers around here?

And that cover of Spider-Woman wasn’t sexist.

OF COURSE you’re going to get SOME ASSHATS that actually behave like…ASSHATS, but by and large it’s the fakery that people are criticising or hating. This has nothing to do with them being a geek/nerd.



*A typo, but I’ve left it in for a tumblr related pun. I celebrate my dislexia.


6 thoughts on “On misoginy in nerd culture.

  1. Yet again I’m right with you! Even remember the trombone incident! I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    I’ve found a strange fine line though amongst acquaintances of mine in that we all like and appreciate iron man (just for example) but since I have knowledge of the original avengers including Hank Pym and The Wasp I’m still taunted and bullied for being a geek/nerd. Leading me to the conclusion that society has widened its acceptance circle but is still brutal to those on the outside.
    I just hope that my 40k Orc army is never cool.


      1. Well, we need to meet. You still have an Ork dex?
        You’ve played these? Are they fun, or do they feel like they’ve diluted it a tad too much?


  2. Because this seems more about fake nerds and posers than misogyny I thought I’d share this thing I just read instead of formulating my own response and ideas.

    There’s actually a really good parallel of the current Nerd Boom and the previous Punk Boom. Punk, since it began existing, was a class of person that, if you identified as one, got you outcasted. So, within their sphere, they began doing things that they cared about, creating music, fashion, art. Eventually, Punk was identified as something profitable once it got big enough, the look was manufactured into a simple set of concepts, and that’s when the Posers came.

    These were people who wanted to be considered Punk, so they acted like they thought Punks should act, going to Punk concerts and fighting like they’d heard Punks do. This was, of course, to the horror of real Punks, who recognized that these people weren’t interested in Punk for the message or anything underlying within the sub-genre, but simply because it “looked cool”. You know, like a f*****g poser would.

    This is the origin of the concept of the Poser, the Fake.

    And now you have famous Punk musicians doing butter commercials, you have Punk-branded merchandise, and you have a complete lose of the ideas behind Punk that make Punk Punk. Though it eventually went out of style, and once something goes out of style, what reason does the poser have to stick around? So now all you’ll see punk-wise is actual Punks, within the underground resurgence of the appreciation and understand of what Punk is.

    And of course this is all mirror within the current Nerd Boom. A group of people labeled and outcasted creating within their own sphere, once that sphere became big enough it was noticed as profitable, Nerd was simplified down to some simple concepts, Posers showed up to capitalize on the trend, and now we have video games and movies costing more than some smaller countries are worth. All that’s left is for Nerd to lose its shine, or something more interesting to show up, and Nerd will go the same way as Punk.

    Punk count: 18- ‘glassloaf’ “Cracked” 22-12-15


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