Codex Firefly Redux

Howdy, well its been over seven years since I mocked up some quick and dirty Firefly rules.
I never got around to playing them.
A quick poll and conversation on one of 40k’s FB pages and I had to have a quick look at it again. I’ve tidied it up a little and tweaked a tad, but I still need to play it and try out Codex: Firefly.


If you play 40k, please give these a go and let me know. I want to think there’s enough room in the Far Future for our band of smugglers to misbehave in.
Do bear in mind the rules were made in 5th ed. What are hull points? Lets say the mule gets 2?
And the power level of the game has gone through the roof.

Various ideas for models:

Not Serenity. But maybe a good start.

Hats off to Andy Foster for sculpting these first three, I don’t know why he didn’t carry on. Hint.




These next two are also from Heresy. And with a bit of work are very good fits for :

Wash File off the hat and sculpt some hair on him (points for an appropriate moustache)

Zoe Just file off the nips (I don’t know why either) and give her a shotgun

We move away from Heresy for:

River Not too happy with the weapon choices here. I’d rather have the scifi axe and sword (or gun) combo, but beggars can’t be choosers- and there’s no bigger beggar than me.

I’ve seen this used as Jayne. But I think he’s too muscle-y~
Forget that Jayne, use this guy also from Hasslefree
And add VERA. It’s his very favourite gun after all.
And a greenstuff hat

There are plans here for Serenity and the grav Mule. You can also see Jayne is a girl’s name having been made with Riddick Ruddock, complete with greenstuff hat.

Miniature for wheeled Mule

Ok this leaves Simon and Inara,and possibly a different Jayne. These two are going to be a massive pain in the balls to find miniatures for that I’m happy with. Cause I want Inara to be armed with her bow if at all possible.

Damn. I need to make this happen.

Anyway. Please play and lets get our band of black market beagle peddlers in the 40k verse




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