So the results are in

The other day I mentioned that I had made a poll on one of 40k’s main Facebook pages about what I should actually sit down and bloody well do.
And the response has been pretty good.
FB 40k poll.jpg

So as you can see there are some clear winners. Even if we add up the various Ultramarine votes they only come to 18. One behind the Ordo Xenos and Deathwatch. Well bugger me.

Challenge accepted.

So, looks like I’m going to have to plan what I’m doing,

10 Sternguard
10 Vanguard
Strike Team Cassius from some massively expensive boardgame I bought.
Watch Captain
Storm Raven
Storm Talon
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
Ordo Xenos Warband
10 shoulder pads are floating around, so expect another squad of something.
And a few surprises.
These will be run as Imperial Fists. I think that suits them best.

And if I desperately need to make it CAD I’ll run it with some Scouts. and have Strike Team Cassius as allies and an Inquisitorial detachment for the lulz.

After that:
Well after a fair bit of soul searching I’m doing it, I having the great 40k sell off. This will not be pretty. I will be selling
2000+ pts of nids,
2-3000 pts of old dark eldar,
A heap of 40k-centric scenery, except for the palace and the chapel of sanctuary.
The odds and ends of things like eldar stuff, LotR stuff.
Maybe the new DE
Maybe the IG
Gen Eastwood.jpg

Maybe maybe the Harlequins stuff
Entirely on the shelf about the Genestealer Cult. Can keep for the game and use in 40k for lulz, with added genestealers from Space Hulk.

In fact the sell off has already begun. One ruined Valk and resin Valk have been sold!

So the next phase will be to get on top of the scenery. With me selling most of the 40k centric stuff, I think I’ll go pretty smoothly. So onto that.
Then a change from 40k, Judge Dredd. Judges.
Then 7th and 8th, 10th, Dredd Street Gang, the Armoury and Forge, then 1st Co, 2nd Co, Dredd City Def, Librarius, Reclusiam and Command, then n 30k and Honour Company. Then we’ll see what we have left.Maybe we’ll do a knight and the Macragge Expeditionary Force, if I haven’t sold it.

Tonight I am RP-ing with Dark Heresy, oh dear. Hopefully I won’t carry the team and then get shot for the trouble again… 😦 And tomorrow I’m off to play little plastic men and no doubt lose!

So, to repeat. The miniatures plan is this:
Sell sell sell! (this is ongoing throughout)
Street Gang
Armoury and Forge
City Def
30k and Honour Company
This could well get to just under 1000 miniatures all told, half of which would be 40k Ultramarines. I…could…wield…a Chapter on tabletop in a few years! Worth it? Maybe…I’d definitely get into White Dwarf if I did. And somewhere in there I’m going to squeeze in Serenity.

And no, I’m not going an about my NERF yet. I’m going to sell some, but in a bit.



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