I have my stuff, all of it.

I’m nearly 30, single and back at home with mummy. I shouldn’t be here, I know that – but here we are. I may talk about why in the future.
Half a houseworth (which should be a measurement) and a whole garageload (read “shitload”) of it to be precise. All strewn around my poor mother’s house.
The back room is entirely off limits till further notice and the house is a tip, which I feel awful about, but Mother did say to not rent a garage as we’re getting a shed built.
Of course, until the new shed is built the house is an utter disgrace entirely because of me.

Well not ENTIRELY (no really…again, I may talk about this in the future), but it is all my stuff and I currently don’t feel like slinging the mud any more than is has already been.

I’m going to be back at home for at least two years while I save enough up to get a house by myself. Unfortunately it might have to be three or four, to get a good deposit. Oh well.

So no more house or man cave. Like they were even mine anyway, the house is where I slept, the man cave is where my stuff was allowed to be, and that I was never allowed to go through, sort and sell.


Finally I can start to get my life together without meddling. Without sabotaging.

Watch this fucking space, I know you will. Heh. This is going to be fun.





One thought on “I have my stuff, all of it.

  1. Hang in there bud! See if you’re eligible for a help to buy ISA the government actually give you free money! I look forward to the eventual sale of some 40k I can certainly home a few (albeit for display purposes only)


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