Easter 2016: The Execution

Well, as expected things did not all go to plan. Naturally. However dear readers, I planned for that. I am firmly of the belief that if you know you’ll only ever get 50% done, you should plan twice as many things!



Taking family up to their holiday and spending the day with them, didn’t manage to get to harlies, as we went for a small 5-6km hike, as the weather was so nice. Then went over to kibbies for a few games


I sorted out the banks and security key, as well as popped into EE about the erroneous direct debit and returned the power bank
The shed needed a re-felting so while it was chucking it down I thought it would be a good idea to sort it. Of course… I enlisted the help of Nathan and Kibby. To mainly hold things and make brews. We all got soaked, but the shed is ok.
Was quite tired so had tea and watched Inside Out.
More gaming goodness…till 3 AM, which with summertime was 4 AM…so had to stay over as was TIRED and pissed


…Did not exist. Not due to alcohol, but just tiredness. Really.
Was invited to stay for an Easter roast with the Kibbies, which was beautiful
Was invited to have another meal, with my Nan. Felt like six dinner Sid.


Picked up family, we went on the Lakeside Train, and then onward to Ambleside for a toddle and shop.
Dropped off famille, then went out for tea.
Was knackered and went to bed at about half 9

Ok, so actually not bad. Considering I only had 2 out of 4 days to do stuff I was only really bothered about having lost out on the tidying up, no really. I was pretty damn productive for me, even if I do say so myself.




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