Onward and downward

This should be my 100th post, but due to recent events I have redacted and removed some of my previous posts, just as one of the biggest and most worthwhile parts of my miserable existence has been ripped from me. All because of a lie I couldn’t disprove…

So tomorrow this bad boy is released for two days and I have to see if I can resist it.

OF COURSE I won’t. I’ll buy at least two, one for me and one for my friend Ebay in a few weeks/months/years time.

Then I have one or two things to buy for a surprise (this will be a recurring theme), go to the bank, go to the tip with my Nan’s old telly, if I can resist pulling it apart for the electron gun capability. The ability to melt people’s faces, or give them a lethal dose of beta radiation, and to make things “spontaneously” combust an evil genius could make wide and varied use of…

The shed is in, so I have all that to move in, I would have done it already but:
Monday – It got put in and I put some racking up.
Tuesday – Nan’s telly broke, was just an internal fuse.
Wednesday – Put in a bit more racking then went to the cricket club.
Thursday – Nan’s telly broke again, so replaced it. Now I have an electron gun. Nice.
Today – I’m gaming tonight, duh?

So after that I think I’ll do the Imperial Space Marine.




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