What is One Page 40k? The Pre(-r-)amble.

Soon coming to a computer screen near you, will be my  review of it. One Page 40K (renamed Grimdark Future for obvious reasons) is exactly what it ways on the tin: a quick, easy set of rules for you to wage war in the far future.
See I like 40k*, but my favourite edition was 5th or 4th. Back when the rules were simple to learn and remember; before every codex needed its own marine specific AP3 weapon, before flyers and superheavies in the mainstream, before game breaking free formations, before the “and-now-this-will-stop-the-flow-of-a-turn-hammerrules of 7th (now with another additional turn (for flyers…yay!), back before every army ignored some part of the core rules (which surely means your core rules are wrong?); and most importantly before game points creep (upward), points value creep (downward)º, ridiculous price hikes and pricing structures (as in putting half the amount of figures in a box, and charging the same amount. I’m looking at you, Cadian Guardsmen and Eldar Dire Avengers…) so you now have to own more miniatures and pay more for them in order to start…and finally having to own a £50 rulebook and £25-£30 codex in order to play. I remember Third ed rules being £25 and the codex being £12.

Oh Fourth or Fifth! Come back, all is forgiven. To be honest, sometimes I think we might need a “Second-to-Third” style culling – or even Sigmaring (yes really) of the rules to get back to a fast fun game. Seriously, we have a near skirmish-level set of rules, for what is at times a regiment or army-wide scale game.

Though this wasn’t meant to be a 40k bash, it has highlighted why I’m learning 1pg40k.


* Contender for Understatement Of The Year, this one

º Don’t believe me on this? Go back to your third edition rulebook and codex. In the rulebook ( forget the page) it says the typical sized game is 750-1250 pts and the points of a Space Marine with krak or frag grenades (cause you used to have to pay for this) is 18pts. That would have been 55 marines in 1000 points, but now you can fit 71 in.


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