Ugh..Politics May Local Elections 2016

Right, lets get this sorted. Actual politics on my blog I generally don’t do, and with good reason: Most people are too clouded, jaded or swayed to understand that politics is very simple, and there is really only one choice when you vote.
When you vote, realise this fundamental truth: that like-it-or-lump-it the very foundation of democracy itself is a liberal idea. The belief that everyone is equal and has an equal voice. Most people want to see other people succeed, want to know they’re safe, want to make sure they’re looked after. Both for their family and friends, and strangers.

See, that’s it: voting is about equality. One of those oft abused words, a word that is now used as an excuse to discriminate; used in that way by people who tell you to “check your privilege,” or charge more for white males at an equality bake sale…but that is for another time. You are a citizen of the state that has a responsibility to you, but you have a responsibility to the state. That singular responsibility is to vote.

And the choice I was on about is this – whenever you’re about to put your mark in a box ask yourself “Will this person fight for the rights of all, or a few?”, “Does this person represent me, or the 1%?”, “Does this person believe in equal opportunity and responsibility, or do they just care about their own and those who are lining their pockets?”, and perhaps most importantly “Could I feel like I could talk to this person without being belittled about my problems?”

These questions are very important, else you’ll end up with a Health Secretary that plays around with his phone when he should be listening to a debate, or a PM and Chancellor that laugh with all their rich buddies when they’re getting told the harsh truths of their austerity cuts, that multiple investigations into selling of various crown assets find that they could well lead to corruption, falling of standards, that independent financial think-tanks and multiple advisers get ignored when they say austerity isn’t working (reminder that debt is the highest it’s ever been, even counting for inflation, thanks to that Chancellor and his ilk again), or you’ll get a secret trade agreement that won’t be held up to public scrutiny where the rights of individuals aren’t as important as corporations (TTIP, read up on it. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you’re not meant to), and worse of all you’ll get the super-rich owned mainstream media ignoring these facts (like not hearing much about TTIP…) time and again to stir up divisions within the only party big enough to stop this, pretend that yesterday’s result was a defeat for Labour. What with the oh-so-conveniently-timed false claims of anti-Semitism, yesterday was a damned landslide.

Seriously, how the Cons (we shorten it to that for a reason) get any seats is always beyond me…on top of the usual lies, and what is becoming a tiresome attack on Corbyn, that he isn’t a capable leader who engages with voters, (and of course we don’t want the people remembering politics involves them), continually pretending the party is near collapse, and this time playing an anti-Semitism card? Poor form. It’s not like the man who orchestrated this latest attack has a history of doing so or anything. Boom, there you go; I’ve just painted a huge target on my back.*

Oh, and those Labour MPs wanting to oust Corbyn: get the hell out of a Party you don’t belong in. This isn’t the Red Tory Party anymore, Blair has gone and so should you.

See, that’s why I rarely do politics.



*Want to know who the bad guys are in the almost 70 year long Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The answer may well surprise or even horrify you: it’s the UN and US (yes, that includes us), no really, it is that simple. But I digress.


One thought on “Ugh..Politics May Local Elections 2016

  1. Question, it is my job to vote or else I can’t complain when I don’t get what I want. Correct? But what if there is no one to vote for that would uphold the values that you have just said, or what if there is; but due to the way the voting system is structured they can not get into power?


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