It’s Grim up Nerf

Yes, that’s a delicious pun. And no, it’s not mine. I am somewhat jealous.

On the 13th Kib, Arthur and I went to Grim up Nerf 8 in Farsley* for some foam darty goodness. So after a long while driving, we arrived at the Mormon Church. It’s ok, Arthur didn’t burst into flames or require permission to enter the premises or anything.

We were greeted with an 8 year old or two entering the building. Ah. Oh well, we soldiered on and went to get checked in and sign a declaration of “if I be gets hurted I not sue” and found some other adults to hang around with. We were 3 of the 4 unaccompanied adults of the day, but there were a fair few other people that should probably know better so we didn’t feel out of place. The age split was really quite good. 20 or so little’uns and 10 or so adults. Or more accurately 6 adults and 4 or 5 grown men that should probably know better.

Arthur’s eyes lit up when he saw my Vulcan/Havock, so he called “Dibbs” (pun intentional) on that, and promptly set about talking in an Austrian accent, and I never got a look in all day. Oh well.
Kibby had brought his 2×4, borrowed an Alpha Trooper and the Star Wars pistol.
I ran with Vera and two Doublestrikes.

We were put into teams; with Arthur and I in one, and Kib in the other. Straight up team deathmatch. GO!
I then immediately ran into technical difficulties, and by that I mean when I fixed Vera the previous night, I didn’t put her back together right. NO!!!

Battlefield surgery begin/
Opened her up, flipped the magazine guide the right way up (idiot) and then closed her back up. Which sounds like a simple operation. It was, but I took AGES…
Battlefield surgery end/

…And missed a good half of the first game, which we well and truly lost. It was probably only 80% my fault

It was at this point that Arthur and I were re-united with Kib, as we had lost so badly. And this is where we started to shine. (I may be exaggerating.)

Throughout the day, we made a good name for ourselves and had a lot of fun, we were nicknamed the Special Farces in one game, and we like the moniker. So maybe, just maybe dear reader You may get a tale or two every now and then.
We have also recruited Rob and Nathan.
Play of the day – Running out of ammo in Vera, and doing a run (read: “fast hobble”) with my two doublestrikes with Kib close behind. Me ultimately missing, but Kib grabbing the kill. TEAMWORK WIN

Fail – While being Special Farces, Arthur holding a door. Kib and I come up to him, he dodges a dart by inches, looks me dead in the eyes and says he likes the range on that gun. I take a peak in, cause I recognise the sound… I stop, turn to them, note it’s one of mine I’ve leant out and that we should probably run. GENEROSITY FAIL

In other news:

I have lighting in the Shed! Pics inbound.


* Worry not, I had supervision so couldn’t get into trouble. Not that I would anyway, cause I’m innocent.. but you know, the police are shit and only interested in applying the easiest narrative to the situation rather than find out the truth. BUT that would go against the popularist myth that women are always victims and men are always monsters; and would also require not being as aforementioned, shit.


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