You’re not right: Alt-Right isn’t far-right… Right?

Oh look, another mainstream media misnomer, just like “troll.” Here we go again.

Before we begin,
1 – I am in no way defending the actions of that man. He murdered a public servant in cold blood for political reasons. The definition of terrorism. I am talking here about the continued misuse of the term “alt-right”
2 – You have to entertain the wild notion that you could be wrong in your preconceptions about the Alt-Right

Pardon me, Anon, I’m about to break the First and Second Rules.*
I saw the birth of the alt right on 4chan. I know it for what it is.

Yes, please let’s stop using “alt-right”, as the vast majority of the “alt-right” are actually libertarians. No really.
Libertarians that have had enough of identity politics, feeling agendas, and cry bullies.
Libertarians that like causing a stir in what the right (and themselves) call the “regressive left” (You know, the people who ban speakers from university campuses because a different opinion is “triggering”, or walk around just in a thong with “slut” written on themselves in a vacuous attempt at stopping the sexualisation of the female form, or are campaigning for race segregated schools) by triggering them, and showing them up.

People that believe ridiculous things like your feelings aren’t as important as facts, that just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right, or worst of all you’re responsible for your actions when you’re drunk. Those of you who know me, no doubt know my particular stance on this last one…

Now, at the same time there has been an increase in far right activity in a similar timeframe since the Alt came to the wider public’s attention, and some of the offenders believe themselves to be Alt, but that is something different, and they believe themselves to be Alt due to the media’s representaion of the Alt.
The Alt Right is a response to the current wave of straight white male hating 3rd wave campus feminism. #killallmen anyone? And just as no doubt someone will tell me in reply those man haters aren’t feminists; well, the far right extremists aren’t Alt Righters.

Now observe the hatred.


*Don’t know what the hell I’m prattling on about here? Looks like you need some Internet History, son. Original here

So I’ve decided to add a Politics label in my categories. Looks like I’m doing that now.
Also done a “Sam Explains” label.


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