Inquisitor Viscerion to Sector Conclave Tempestus

3 027 001M42
Priority One



Upon developments of late, and with the death of my subordinate, two things made themselves clear:

  1. The Galaxy is not as it has been in millennia, Mankind faces a challenge greater perhaps than the Horus Heresy itself
  2. I am not getting any younger!

For these reasons I have chosen to pen the following. What follows is from my lifetime of lessons learnt, truths faced, and wisdom earned from my time within the Ordos Hereticus and Xenos. Some will call a large portion of this missive “radical” or even “heretical.” I would have myself, before my centuries of service in the Ordo Xenos. I challenge these detractors to look over my record and doings, to find where my work has been against His will or betterment, or the betterment of His people. They surely will be found wanting for evidence unforthcoming.

If the recent reports from Fenris and Cadia are to be believed (and they must, as the sources are of known integrity), the time has come for some truths, before we can correctly counter the return of The Despoiler and The Red.

The forces of the Craftworld, Exodite and Harlequin Eldar, although vexing and seemingly fickle in their occasional allegiances or truces with the righteous Imperium, hate the Ruinous Powers perhaps even greater than ourselves (see Kryptman’s work on the Fall of the Eldar) and so I truly believe we can call upon them in the fight to come. Although relying on them in such a fashion would of course be naive in the extreme.

Rumour reaches my ear of Necrontyr involvement on Cadia on the side of the Imperium, and perhaps that they are the source of the mysterious Cadian Pylons, that are thought to keep the tides of the Empyrean from reaching forth beyond that Bastion planet. The motives for their involvement however, are elusive. It was my understanding the Necrontyr went into stasis aeons before the Ruinous Powers truly awoke, so their knowledge of how to combat them seems unfathomable.

The Tau are still reeling from their recent incursions from both the Beast and the Devourer, so the threat they pose is minimal at the moment and will probably remain so for the next century.

My proposal is thus- while all available reserves are no-doubt heading for Cadia as I write, I fear that still won’t be enough. Send envoys to the Tau and even the Eldar; these xenos have been treated with peaceably in the past. Convince the Eldar of our commonality in the face of the Great Enemy, and inform the Tau of our plight.
Of the rest of the major xenos races, we should keep observing the Necrontyr; continue subjugating the Orkid and Tyranid threats as and when we can; the Dark Kin and Corsair Eldar should still be repelled when they are found; and the Hrud are happy to sulk around the Halo Stars at present. These are menaces all, no doubt – but these threats are not immediate, as those spewing forth from The Eye are.

As a sign of my sincerity, I hereby reassign the military might I command to Joint Command at Cadia effective immediately. I would come personally, but we’re close to a breakthrough. I will retain my staff, and The Righteous Contempt for my continued work against the Devourer, and will use whatever resources are available to me here. My plan for Hive Fleet Gorgon continues in trying to make a virus to destabilise their genome; in the meantime however, I will attempt to drive Gorgon into Tau space. Should I be deemed Excommunicate, you can find me there. I know a great number of Inquisitors will judge this whole communiqué as heretical, but it is for the better protection of Man.

Ave Imperium

Inquisitor Davos Viscerion.


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