So Peta have confirmed they’re certifiable…

So on my non-porn-internet travels of late* I found this.

So Peta, self appointed arbiters of…whatever bullshit they’re peddling this week, have written to Geedubbs’ CEO Mr Rountree (all hail his name) asking that all fur is removed from their models…what?

Peta, you clearly don’t know the universe like you claim you do. Where to begin…Oh, how about like this:

Usually I’m for talking things though, but Peta…

Ok…ok, I’ll try. Even though Peta have shown that they’re not beyond losing their credibility by outright lying to try and scare/shock/shame the masses into submission…

Stuff like THIS is why nobody takes you seriously.

…I’ll still actually try and argue against their morally bankrupt stance.

Here we go. Points –

  1. The animals “killed” for those furs are fictional
  2. The 40k setting is grim-dark, hyper-violent, and the forces that wear them are either barbaric in nature (I do not mean this in the negative, derogatory sense) or are evil.
  3. The Fantasy setting is (was -Ed.) set…in somewhat standard Fantasytropeland© that in turn is set in a world similar to our own in the Dark/Middle ages.
  4. If you had a solid grasp on reality, or the source material you’d realise this, and focus your efforts elsewhere, like the real life ritualistic killing of millions of animals annually for kosher and halal meats. Jesus, get some perspective.

At what point do you want to start looking out for the ethical treatment of fictitious animals in fiction? Can you not see how foolish that is, and how foolish that even sounds?!
Oh no! Someone halt the plight of the grox!
The Space Wolves wear furs. They’re space vikings. SPACE. FUKKEN. VIKINGS. It is of their background, both in universe and in their real world heritage. If you bothered to read anything outside your echo chamber, you’d know this.

You know what? Fuck it. I can’t do this anymore, I was going to do another 300 or so words on this. But I flatly refuse to argue further about the ethical treatment of animals and wearing of furs in a high-fantasy fictitious setting. Nope.




*We might get onto that another day. Damned Conservatives taking my right to watch a good BDSM scene away. Joke’s on you, I Tor now.


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