So Peta have confirmed they’re certifiable…Pt 2

Sometimes it really doesn’t rain, but pour.
Our “friendly” neighbourhood crazy militant vegans are claiming this was all part of their grand scheme…and vegans wonder why people think they’re crazy, because…?

Ok so I didn’t get chance to put it down last time, as my patience had run its course by about the 300th word or so, but I had the thought that perhaps this was just some publicity stunt.

This is at least Double Facepalm worthy


You don’t get off that easily, Peta. You see, let me tell you a little bit about logic: a False and a Truth is a False. Do you remember the Two Door Riddle? You were either lying during your original post or now, in a poor attempt to save face. Either way, you have lost credibility. Why should one believe you when you state anything in the future? That could just be another false flag, as you now claim this was, so why should I really worry about The Donkeys in Morocco, or whatever you’re peddling this week?  Or like I stated previously you’re lying now, and don’t have the courage to stand by your original statement, when your arse was handed so beautifully to you by logical thinkers and neckbeards. Especially neckbeards. The keks are real.

Or let’s assume that you’re telling the truth now, and your dishonesty was in your previous statement. Are you willing to trade your credibility for extra hits on your website, as you claim?

Oh, we’ve been here before…I get it

I know I used this picture before…but I fucking love the intellectual dishonesty here. Do you not think this sort of thing cheapens your argument and destroys your credibility? How do your donors, and advocates feel? Actually, I take that back as I know they follow the same school of…”logic” as you, Peta.

“But it was worth it to get the message out”
What message exactly? Because what I’m getting here is that if what you’re saying now is true, you say you got a lot more traffic on your website because of this masterful stroke. Why do you need to generate more traffic on your website? The message I’m getting from this is either 1: you don’t know what you’re on about, or 2: you needed the extra traffic, and your arguments aren’t good enough for people to listen to them by themselves… which is a dangerous admission on your part





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