Modding a nerf sniper.

Because we all know that I’m the slowest modder in the world I’m not listing what needs doing, as I’ll not get round to it all anyway…
Instead, I’ll show you all what I’m up to now!

The Great Work continues!

“Great Scott, man. What have you done?” I hear you cry.

Fear not citizen, everything is fine and going according to plan. Just like Cadia.

I got the blast bazooka a few months ago and knew it needed to be turned into a clip system capable blaster…So here we are. There’s going to be a huge amount of deadspace in this setup, but I’ll live with it. Don’t have more to show you on this, as my dremmel ran out of juice and I’m not using a handsaw, as I’m not a pauper.

Oh, and I’ve not updated in a month cause I ONLY GONE AND GOT MESELF A BLOODY JOB!

Till next time



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