So here we are again again

Another election has come and gone, and I’ve not blogged
The results were interesting and I’ve not blogged
Its been about 3 months and I’ve not blogged.
MY apologies, I truly meant to have a go at weekly or fortnightly updates this year, but I’ve been busy doing not much.


Well thats not true, I survived my probation at work ~(barely)~
My ionfire sniper is technically complete, though there is a 3d part I want to design+make to ensure it stays together, so I might get round to that…
Next on the nerf list is an auto-rayven, and my idea for nerf claymore mines.
Space marine scout cosplay!….hasn’t progressed at all. Digits out of derriere needed there.

I played shadow war armageddon, which was very fun!
8th edition is inbound! And MY does that look shiny. 30+ games in 5th, 3 in 6th, 5 in 7th…It might be the edition to get me back in proper. With only a few new shinies.
I’ve progressed The Kib Inn a bit, might have it ready for this weekend, which is when I’ll try to get the next blog out for.

Until then


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