40k Is Dead, Long Live 40k!

Friends, hear my cry and rejoice: The Tyrant of Tabletop has died!

His bloated, rotten, corpulent frame fouls the Tabletop Throne no more. His constant need of your money and attention has gone!

Let me begin by saying I’m officially OFF the geedubbs-hate-bandwaggon now:

It’s not cool anymore, anyway.

The good

  • Da Roolz are 8 A4 pages long or so. RLY.
  • You can download Da Roolz ‘ere for free. Legitimately.
  • Datasheets will be included with the boxes you purchase, so you don’t have to buy the codex if you don’t want. Let that one sink in.
  • No more do you need 5 books to play a game!
  • Deathstars have been well and truly Luked
  • Combat isn’t crap anymore! DA BOYZ WILL BE PLEEZD! ERE WE GO!/ BLARG BLARG BLARG*
  • Streamlined as much as Fonz’ hair

The bad

(There is some, but not much.)
  • Where have my melta bombs gone?
  • If we never made a mini with it on, it ain’t legal. Ok, so this one is actually serious
  • Open play
  • You’re making me want to get back in properly! Damn you *shakes fist*
  • …erm…we’re saying farewell to some of the best figures geedubbs has ever made; and most people won’t mourn, or even notice, their passing?
I’m talking about these guys. They are truly the unsung heroes of the last 4 years.

And that’s it, 8th looks fantastic. Like Kaylee, hot, horny and greasy in her overalls fantastic – though there is a problem:


The Death Guard have invaded the Konor System. They dare befoul The 500 worlds with their presence. This worldwide campaign will shape the future of the new chapter we find ourselves in, and I’ll be damned if I leave the defence of Ultramar to any upstart Young Blood that doesn’t even remember 5th ed, or the sacrifice at Corinth – I need to get back in. I only have about 4 weeks before it starts. Merde.


40k is Dead, Long Live 40k!

*Delete as appropriate



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