New project time!

Oh gawd, not this malarkey again!

Hey, I sometimes occasionally have been known to…ok once, ONCE finished a project! It wasn’t very good, but it was finished. No, I can’t recall what it was, stop asking.

So, I’ve made enough “progress” on each of these to show you what I’m up to currently.

The Kibb Inn. Genius naming off mumski.

This is a fantasy Inn that I’m working on as part of Kibby’s 30th present. It’s very belated, but hopefully it will be a worthwhile wait. I’m pretty happy with the colours, but the wattle and daub walls might need a bit of a rework. I’ll do a post on it properly when it’s done. Really!

Now about a year ago the nerf Mastodon was announced, and it looks an awful lot like a heavy bolter. I’ve always wanted to cosplay a space marine. So what do you get when you out these two pieces of information together? Me biting off far more than I can chew, naturally. Now as I’m not a complete idiot* I’ve not gone for a marine as such, I’m doing a space marine scout, which requires far less armour making. Though it is still a ball ache. So for those who have no idea of what I’m on about, and are clearly too lazy to just Google it, this is what I’m aiming for:

I’ve so far managed to make some very good cod pieces…while attempting shoulder pads, and these beauties!

It’s a start.

Will add as and when I get shit done. It’s not like I have only 6 weeks or anything.

Also, typing this on my tablet is a pain like no other. Never again.


*There is insufficient data to back up the author’s claim.


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