I had my first battle of 8th ed

You may remember me mentioning that recently a little change happened in a small wargame that you’ve probably never heard of. I had the opportunity on Monday to play it with Nathan, who’s been out of the game entirely since 5th; with my horror stories about 6th and 7th he’s kept out.

Then something beautiful happened, and I knew it was the edition that would get me (certainly) and the others in my lot (possibly) playing in the far future again: 8th.

Did you just assume my loyalty?

So we got to grips with power levels, and used them to balance the game. I heard talk that the “exchange rate” was about 20 points per power level, so with that in mind we went for a 30 power level game.

He took 20 Chaos Marines (in a tactical blob formation, this is important), a Predator and a Chaos Lord, all “as is” without upgrades. I took a Captain with Plasma Pistol and Relic Blade, a Tactical Squad (5) with meltagun and sgt with combi-melta, a Sternguard Squad (5) with two combi-meltas, a Scout Squad (5) with sniper rifles, and a Land Speeder.

Ready and at the table, Nathan says he doesn’t have scenery. Well I know that’s balls as I know I’ve given him some in the past anyway. So undeterred, we used the tried and tested method of using whatever we had to hand! Thus with 2 buildings that looked an awful lot like my two carry cases we started.

Ahh yes, the battlefield  And some people say 8th isn’t as realistic!

Nathan deployed in a typically cowardly Traitorous fashion, all close together, I on the other hand had heroically deployed my forces far too thinly across my line, it was this deployment and his choice to have his 20 CSMs in one unit that ultimately lost me the game.

When you’ve made a mistake you know you’re going to pay for later

In the first three Battle Rounds, as they’re now called, I took out his predator with only one Sternguard and my Landspeeder to pay for the pleasure, and my scouts even took off some wounds with their sniper rifles. Hashtag lol*. On the other side of the pitch, my Tactical Squad played hide and seek with the Lord and CSM blob with neither side inflicting damage on the other. They then snuck off behind cover to try and get a better shot off elsewhere… it was then that my luck well and truly ran out.

Surprise tank hunters.

He had positioned behind a solid wall, and I couldn’t get any of his dudes, so I tried to get my Sternguard, Captain and Scouts to a better position. As my Tacticals were climbing over the cover… He charged the Sternguard and Captain, and so gained the first attack.
By the end of turn 5 I only had 1 Scout and the Tactical Squad left versus his perfectly healthy Lord, and 7 of the CSMs. In short I got PWNED. Yes, I lost – what a way to start my campaign in 8th.

The game runs a lot smoother, sure there are a few things that have lost their flavour a bit, but honestly for me this quicker, slimmed down 40k is EXACTLY what the game needed. Now Geedubbs, all you have to do is not fuck it up.




*Is what the kids say, I checked


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