Modding a different nerf sniper

Well, the previous one was too much hard work to be honest, and I’ll definitely get onto it when I’ve had a bit more experience with this sort of thing. However –


This is done.


That beauty is my uncrap Ionfire. A breech loading, single shot nerf sniper.

Upgrades- 5 kg spring from, standard AR removal, brass breech, collar insert in the barrel.

I like it so much, you get a second shot of it

It’s a monster, a beautiful monster. The range has increased dramatically, and when firing with stefans or waffles, you can easily call your shots at 35m. The first time I played with this, the other team ran away from it when they saw what it could do. BUT- this is a sniper in the traditional sense, you can’t Rambo your way through a situation; you have to set up, take your shot, and be prepared to move on, else you can be outmanoeuvred or outgunned quickly (which is something I learnt).

It takes a while to load…

I would recommend using this in larger team games, and changing your playstyle accordingly – there’s a lot to be said for hanging back and putting an extra shot in on crucial engagements that need an extra push. And especially letting the little’uns do the leg work…
In the future I’m thinking about running this with my soon to be done autorayvern, or demolisher

Lessons learnt:

  • The collar I put in the barrel is too long, and I worry that it’s decreasing performance.
  • The tooth on the feeding side of the breech is too short, and occasionally catches as you try to close up the breech.
  • I have a problem with the idea of a nerf sniper. I know it’s impossible, but I really like the idea of trying. 

Still to do:

  • I’d very much like to get a part made to make sure the barrel stays on the front of the Ionfire, as it doesn’t have a bit for the locking tab to…lock into. So 3d printerings!
  • Have a go at unborking the collar and part of the breech if possible. We shall see.
This pvc needs removing

Next up for nerf though, is my idea for nerf claymores. Watch this space…




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