Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 1: Things what I bought.

I wish to start dear reader, by reminding you that I am an idiot. I know this, you know this; but now we both know that we both know this. If what I’m about to talk about sounds like you think its beyond me, it is. But that kind of reasoning hasn’t stopped me before, so why should I let it get in the way now?

Violente et ignorantiae, is the family motto, after all.

I mentioned before that I’m wanting, and indeed trying (trying being the operative word) to make a cosplay of a space marine scout.


These guys

Where to begin? Well, to be honest I wanted something really more to show you, but this will have to do, and might serve as a bit of a wake up call that I need to get this done in 4 weeks? 4 WEEKS, SAM.



Ok…breathe. Easy stuff first, low hanging fruit. I will be using one of these as his heavy bolter.


Boom, Heretics
For the combat fatigues I’ve opted for beige work overalls, that I may distress later


Hey, overalls. You’re a poopoohead. Distressed yet?



For the boots…I’m going to have to buy some new ones, as my work boots have finally died. To Military Mart! YAAAAAYY!!!

So that’s the easy stuff done, now to actually get on with making the rest of the costume. Foam armour can’t be that hard, right? Oh dear. How wrong I was. You saw before what I had got done previously, and nothing has progressed since then. Nothing! So, “armed” with my wonder woman-esque arm guards and currently nothing else, I’ll see you in Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, and we’ll see what we can do.

And hell you never know, I might even get round to telling you about the other cosplays I did in the past. I did a Browncoat*, and Jayne from Firefly.



*No, not a Brownshirt. Who do you think I am, Prince Harry?ª

ªI did Nazi that coming°

°I’ll stop Goering on.

(If anyone does think I’m Prince Harry, please get in touch. No fat chicks.)


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