Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, that was close. I was this close to being Jayne again. After working on it for two weeks straight, and all I had to show for it was this.

So it looks the business, mostly. Aside from my luminous codpiece, but if you’re looking at that, my luck’s in, right?

So: I made this without a pattern, without any previous foam armour knowledge – and, well, I finished something I started.

I got to this point on the second Saturday of work, so I had a week to paint it, and this is where Captain Bork made his customary appearance.

Streaky, streaky paint

Now, silly me thought that I want to get a high coverage, high pigment paint to use on this. So I went to get some acrylic paint from The Range. Boy was I wrong. So now with a very streaky cosplay, I had 4 days left.


Ok, so after a brain fart, I hit upon a simple truth: use spray paint, genius.

So then we got here, after a but more mucking around.

As in I used a clear automotive lacquer, and it came out cloudy, so I rescued it with a pot of Macragge blue and a damn good brushing, with a tank brush for modelling.

Even, even spray.

So, without further ado.

In the grim darkness of the far future there’s a lot to point at

So, still to do:

  1. Make the cloak bigger and better
  2. A visor to hide my glasses
  3. Boots to add 4+ inches of height
  4. Cosmetic surgery on the Mastodon to make it a heavy bolter
  5. Correct back on torso with cooling system
  6. Redo the shoulder pads

In the future I will do a proper build log of this bad boy, as I now know how to make a Space Marine Scout.

Or rather “How not to make a Space Marine Scout Cosplay (by an idiot that tried)” as the post(s) will be called.




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