Scratching the surface of what’s wrong with Star Wars

Ok, I’ll admit that I was wrong. Write the date in your diaries.


I remember when Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, my reaction was that of cautious optimism. “Surely,” thought the wide eyed, roguesque, and undoubtedly handsome I “they can’t do as badly as George did throughout the last trilogy”

Then episode 7 came out. Wow. Episode 3 was shite, but at least it was it’s own fucking screenplay.

A rare bit of cinema history, here.

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Rogue One, which is a shame considering that it stole it’s storyline from an old Star Wars game… What?

Which brings me onto the point of today-

Thrawn is coming to the new universe. I love the old EU stuff, and Thrawn was without a doubt the best part of it. And yes, for every Thrawn or Kettch there’s a Luuuke* or Palpatine Clone


At least it tried. It had new stories and characters. You blew up the universe, Disney, at least have the balls to make it your own. You don’t get to pick and choose bits that you liked from the old universe cause it suits you.

Honestly, it’s the equivalent of going out for a meal with a girl and them not ordering chips, saying they don’t want any, then they take ones off your fucking plate.

Not cool Disney. You said you said you didn’t want chips. Not cool.


*Add “u”s as necessary



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