Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game. An occasional gamer’s thoughts

Oh X-wing. You were meant to be a cheap game to keep kibby and I amused on occasion, but damn. The plastic crack has hit again, and hard.

Original trilogy starter set master race. None of your Mary Sue new trilogy T70 X-wings peasants here.

About a year ago, when I was unemployed and therefore had no money, kibby and I thought it would be a chipper idea to get into something cheap. A skirmish game. A game whereby you’d never really need to have more than 6 models or so in your collection, because you’d probably never field them all in one go. We’d never go balls deep here, we’ll just dabble and see how it goes.

So we chose X-wing, and Lordy were we wrong.

I mean, amongst other things we get to do this every battle:

As you no doubt know, as there are a few reviews of this wargame out already- it is easy to learn, hard to master. Seriously I had my 9 year old nephew playing it last week, with only a tiny bit of help. He won by the way. I’m not sore.

But my love for this game comes from how well it transfers from the book and screen to the tabletop. An A-wing is agile and fast, but fragile. A Y-wing is unsubtle and slow, but tough as old boots. You panic when you’re out of shields, or you have a console fire in your cockpit. The gamble of risk\reward for possibly flying over that asteroid is something to think about. Knowing your opponents possible moves from their ship profiles should help you strategise a counter to their manoeuvres.

Another thing I really appreciate here is that there doesn’t seem to be a power creep with the ships with each new wave. The proof of this is that Y-wings, a first wave miniature, with an ion cannon turret is still a solid choice for 25 points.

I said it’s not cheap, and I’m not being exactly fair here. You don’t need to go as all out as I or kibby have done. You could go halves with someone on the starter, and with two or three other ships, you can have a pretty strong force for well under 80 quid.

If you’re after a fast and furious, but never cruel (unless you’re playing with neckbeards) game, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Star Wars X-wing Miniatures to anyone.

And if you’re ever in Blackpool on a Saturday, find me and kibby at Harlequins Blackpool from 2 till 7 where we’re helping run organised play, and we’ll have spare lists for you to use.




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