X-Wing: My first tournament


A little while back I mentioned that I never meant X-Wing to ever become anything more than a little, occasional, fun time waster… well I entered (and ran) my first X-Wing tournament last week, down at Harlequins Blackpool. We have a group that meets down there every Saturday, 1:30PM till whenever we get chucked out (usually 7 ish), we’re not uber WAAC gamers, we’re just there to have fun. A little while back, when Tom (the charming, witty and dashingly handsome owner of Harlequins) asked me if I’d be interested in running a GNK for X-Wing in a few weeks time I was a but trepidatious, but foolishly I said yes. Fool…fool…

I’d like to say that even though a few weeks ago I didn’t know the rules through and through, I dutifully downloaded the FAQs and TO pack, learnt what I needed to, and promptly put it all into practice…but it would be a dreadful lie!

Ok, that’s not entirely accurate- I did download those things, I have learnt them a bit, but the fine people that came on down from Preston know the game better than me, so I deferred to them when something came up that I didn’t know, and I verified it with the FAQs

So there was a list that I had run before against Kibby that I won with barely, that I thought I knew how to run better.

Ion Cannon Turret

Ion Cannon Turret

Ion Turret

Ion Cannon Turret


Some of you will recognise this list as a variation of an early meta cheese list that was 4 Y-Wings with Ion Cannon Turrets that came in at 100pts, and it allegedly beasted.
If you don’t know what I’m on about (and who does, really?) the basic philosophy is to choose one ship at a time to escort off the board.
However, no plan survives contact with the enemy.
So after some consideration, and only a tiny bit of insistence off Kib, I made another list,  then another.

And then I did a version of Kibby’s suggestion:

Corran Horn
R2 D2
Proton Torpedoes
Fire Control System

Millenium Falcon
Baze Malbus
Ion Pulse Missiles

And wow. I mean WOW this (mostly) works. I won 3 out of 4 matches and came 3rd in my own tourney (not a fix, Kib) of…6 people.

This performed better than I thought it would, but worked like I expected it to…if that makes sense. I gave Corran Artoo and a Fire Control System, so that he could just concentrate on focusing or evading to make him even harder to hit, and so that if he’s out of the way he can get shields back when he loses them. He also had Proton Torpedoes for that extra punch when needed.

Chewbacca was given the Baze and Bistan to make him a heavy hitting gunboat, that couldn’t be ignored. I gave him the Millennium Falcon title to try and help with his survive-ability, and Ion Pulse Missiles cause I thought that would be a good use of a few points…

As you may have guessed, the idea here was for Corran to actually go and do the leg work, and for Chewie to go around and be a Distraction Carnifex. And it worked – almost.

Man of the match


1st Battle
Wookie transport
Ashoka in captured TIE
Good old fashioned go-kart loving Captain Nym

Won. Chewie died. Good scrap, no-one really taking the lead in any way throughout, till it all sort of happened at once.

2nd Battle

Won. Chewie stayed on the table by a matter of 4mm, I should probably not cut it so close next time. I had dominance for a while, and no hull damage was taken on either ship

3rd Battle
Inquisitor and 2 TIE defenders with tractor beams

Won. Chewie, with only 2 hull left – Han would not be happy, flew himself off the table by a matter of 4mm (I didn’t learn), managing to take the shields off a defender in one round of shooting. Corran then took out the three ships by himself. Practically perfect in every way!

4th Battle
2 Y-Wings with TLT and Chewie’s evil doppelganger.

Corran took out one and a half Ys by himself. Chewie took the shields off his goatie sporting double, along with a hull before he fell to the volleys of TLT and Falcon fire. Corran valiantly tried to take the rest off the evil wookie’s ship, but paid for his decision to not use a green manoeuvre, regain a shield, AND take an evade with his life.

Things what I learnt, and things wot I wud change:

So I couldn’t be much happier with Corran. He works very well, and Expertise is always good, but I might be tempted to take off the Proton Torpedoes to free up points for something else. The Fire-Control System with Corran’s ability to fire twice in the same turn is INSANE for finishing things off. I am definitely running him again

Chewie needs some work. His Ion Pulse Missiles never got successfully used, so they need using or replacing. Bistan didn’t get used that much. And he’s not agile at all. With that in mind, I’m considering taking off Bistan and the IPMs and replacing Baze with Luke, and if there’s points left over either Expertise, a Stealth Device, or something else, like C-3PO.

All in all, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the 6 or so hours of gaming! And I got a shiny limited artwork version of Horton Salm too!

Can’t wait till the next one.



Oh, and a special hello to my one viewer who comes from Twitter. You’ve been coming for a while now, so you like something about my doings.
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