What’s wrong with Star Wars X-wing miniatures game?

So I’ve been on the verge of writing this for some time now, but I’ve struggled as to why, until something was said to me that brought it all together…

Why is X-wing dead?


Skirmish games don’t last long. Its a sad fact, weather its a product of the never ending grind of “new new new” in the gaming scene (I’m looking at you Adeptus Custodes army that I’m never going to do) or something else is rarely discussed. Usually people put it down to the grind of it getting ‘old’, or a release schedule that only has a certain amount of factions or miniatures.

I disagree

Yeah yeah, I know. Get a new hobby

People ruin these games. You know the calabire of cretin I’m on about. That guy. Fuck that guy. Nobody wants to be that guy.

“But Sam, you Herculean demonstration of manliness,” I hear you cry, “all games have loads of Those Guys playing them!”

No, they don’t. Know how I know?  In those other games we call them Cheesy Beardy, WAACs, Rules Lawyers. In X-wing there’s no word for them. Quite the contrary, poeple who aren’t playing competitively are called “jank” players.

And that’s why X-wing is dead if you’re not plying competitively, the people who are playing for funsies have the slur, as opposed to the “players” who have forgotten that this is a game.

If you can’t call them toys, and what you play with them a game, you shouldn’t be playing, WAAC

I’ve said my peace.



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