Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 4: Astartes Shotgun Pt 2

Admittedly I’m about a week behind where I wanted to be dear reader, BUT the great work continues!!
As I’m a bit stuck waiting for a few bits to turn up. This is where I’m at:

The last time you saw this creature, the plate/cover needed extending toward the handle and the front plate needed adding. The front was a faff involving a dremmel, a sandwheel and an idiot. I took out a little too much, but I doubt it’ll show up that much when painted (read “hope”)
The extension was another faff of equal proportions, as the join was clearly visable and so wouldn’t do, so action had to be taken. I ordered and finally used milliput. For those who aren’t in the know it’s a two part epoxy putty that…well simply does just about anything. I was going to get one part suff from b+q but it turns out they no longer sell it?!? But after 12 hours of fully curing it can be cut or sanded, so out came the sandpaper and I hopefully fixed the gap problem. Hopeully. As wth any gap filling however, we’ll only truly know after a lick of paint.
The rivets are silicone protective feet from b+q and are a beautiful size for the 40k feel. These and the aquilla wings are simply glued on with wood glue.
The little window is a faux chamber to load into. This is literally made with matchsticks.
On order is a dart holder for the top, and I need to get my digit out of my derriere to design or otherwise create a set of iron sights for the top. Though giving my skill or lack thereof with previously mentioned Dremmel I think 3D pinterings might be easier.
Till next time!
Blaster is now painted, waiting for bits for cover.

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