X-Wing: My Second Tournament Pt1: Best Laid Plans

Well it’s been a tad longer than I thought.

Oh it’s you again.

So a while ago I participated in an X-Wing GNK event and placed 3rd…out of 6…in an event I ran…and never got around to doing that sort of thing again. (Careful now) You would have thought by now I would have learnt right? Well, you can lead a hearse to water, but you can’t make it sink!

This Saturday I’m doing it again. See? My blog isn’t the only thing I only sporadically do. So I had thought about running a tweaked version of my previous list, till I ran it on Saturday just gone and was promptly presented my posterior upon a silver-plated platter. So either I had to admit I’d need a bit of practice with this list in 7 days; or do what I did last time an just listen to Kibby’s idea of what to do, go in guns a blazing and scrape some semblance of piloting competence out of spit and wishes.

So, instead of the making 3 or 4 lists up before I then do what he said anyway, I’m running with the idea that Kib gave me. Which makes my failure his fault and my success my own; or Football manager success as it’s more commonly known.

Did you see that ludicrous display last night? Yeah, that’s right, I did a footie reference during a World Cup Year. Get me.

The list I’ve gone with, in obvious order is:


With a Shield Upgrade, R2-D2, Fire-Control System, and Expertise.


With a TLT and Baze Malbus.

Last, and certainly least:

bandit sq pilot

With no upgrades. I had 13 pts left over, what?

The way this plays is…as last time…unsubtle. Both Corran and Miranda can regenerate sheilds. All I have to do is make sure that they get into the positions needed to make it happen, and definitely NOT JUST GO IN JOUSTING LIKE AN EFFING NOOB. If I can get the z-95 to do anything I’ll be happy, and no doubt people will largely be ignoring it with two units that can heal themselves on the table.

Corran: He’s a dreamboat hell of a good killing machine if you get him in the right place. With Fire-Control System and Expertise he’s insane. Regen shields when doing greens. Plus Rich gave me the Alt Art card for him so I have to play him.
Miranda: TLT with basically a cheaper Gunner? Yes please! Also regen shield by rolling one less attack die AND spend shield to roll extra attack die.
Z-95: Nobody will notice him.
Together: Possibility of 10 damage a turn. 14 if everyone is in range 1

Corran: Bolt Magnet, especially with Artoo on.
Miranda: I’ve only flown a K-wing once…
Z-95: Only 2 attacks.
Together: You’ve never seen my dice rolls.

I actually have a good feeling about this.…wait, that line’s in Soylo. Scratch that.

I’ll do alright.





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