X-Wing: My Second Tournament Pt2: Of Mice and Men

Oh dear, oh dear

…If you ever wanted to know the funniest Tinchy Stryder has ever been…

So things didn’t exactly go to plan

Round 1: Fight!
Paired against John’s Vader, Whisper and a Bomber, I focused fire on the bomber to begin with and took it out pretty well. Then it took everyone to take down Vader. By this point, Miranda was down to one hull point, so I began a game of keep-away with her, while getting Corran into a good position and blasted the Phantom out of the sky.

They have us surrounded, the poor bastards!

Score: 100-0 Me-John which placed me here on the leaderboard:

That’s right, bitches.

Round 2: Fight!
Sooner or later my luck was going to run out. Well, I’d sooner it was later to tell you the truth, cause whatever time that was, it was now. I got paired against Steven’s Mangler Swarm.



Now I had thought I would be weak against swarms, but with Miranda’s Assault Missiles I thought I actually stood a chance…Fool. I thought that getting a shot off against the swarm, with a joust from Miranda would be surprising enough to give me a chance of at the very least scraping a minor loss…fool
Steven went after Corran. A lot. I should have seen this coming and peeled Miranda off to make use of her missiles and TLT. Instead I tried to get into a good position with her every turn. It took 3 turns of combined Manglers, but they killed Corran and Miranda wasn’t far behind. All I had to show for it was one Interceptor. In short: I. Got. Mangled

Score: 20-100 Me-Steven

I think I may have lost the lead…

Round 3: Fight!
Wait, a bye? DAMMIT!

Final Leaderboard:

Damndamn damndamn damn!

So what went wrong?
Honestly, me. I flew Miranda wrong in both games, which is partly because I’ve only flown K-Wings once or twice before. And I changed the list – I had:

Corran, R2-D2, Shield upgrade, Fire-Control system, and Expertise

Miranda, TLT, Gunner, Long range scanners,  Plasma torps, Assault missiles, and Extra munitions

So these guys are hard, and hard hitting -but they’re both expensive, and when one dies thats 50pts up the swanny. So in both battles I flew Miranda wrong and got her in a lot of places she shouldn’t have been, like in range 1 or out of arc for her torps.

What would I change?
I’d strip Miranda back to just TLT and use those points on an Awing or z95 as the original plan. Cause I only used the missiles once, and didn’t really get use out of the Gunner. Another ship on the table also means another problem for the enemy to sort out.
Maybe swap out Corran’s extra shield for an engine upgrade to make him more manoeuvrable

It wasn’t all bad though, right?
Well yeah, I had a strong enough list that I flew poorly. I’m tempted to fly it again with the changes above. I mean I did come third so I must be doing something right!

3rd again. Out of 5 this time, and I got a bye :/ I suppose I’m somewhat consistent if nothing else.



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