40k Storyline and scribblins

Over the course of the last 6 years, I have been writing small titbits of storyline here and there; either for campaigns or just for the fun of it. Now, and probably because I’m a sucker for punishment, I have decided they’re going to be unified… soon™

Untitled Ultramarines Story

Intrigue and manoeuvring at the heart of one of the most revered Chapters of the Imperium, with a secret that could change the Chapter’s very history

Orain Decaan and the Bakkan 29th

This followed the Bakkan 29th “Fireratsº” Drop Troop regiment as they regroup, after a routing at the hands of the Iron Warriors.

Liber Viscerion

The wane and wax of a self proclaimed “hoary old warhorse” Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor’s career as he finds passions and pastures new in a different field.

The Phoros Legacy

At the behest of Inquisitor Viscerion, a Watch-Captain of the Deathwatch helps stop the tide of the resurgent Gorgon Hive Fleet. But for how long?
A somewhat green Interrogator, Greg Sargent and his acolytes are also seconded to Viscerion to help “handle” the xenos threat.

When I write, I will try and date my work so the continuity can be made sense of

º This nickname started as a joke within the regiment as to the tactical acumen (or indeed lack thereof) of the original HQ staff, whose tactics regularly saw casualties abnormally high, even for Drop Troops: “What’s worse than dealing with a rat infestation?” When Orain Decaan took over the regiment, he didn’t suppress the joke but rather used it as the regiment’s title.