The Suffragettes Shouldn’t be Pardoned

Yeah, yeah, I know.

When you state your opinion on the internet.

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Mantic Games Industrial Accessories: A Review.

A long time ago I had a dream, not the one that got me through my teenage years that involved the Olsen Twins; (Bit early on in the post to start that kind of caper, eh? – Ed.) and what with my impending “freedom,” I thought it might be high time to get back on with life. Well…one little aspect of it.

“Little.” Get it? Cause it’s miniature?

…And that particular dream was to have a full boardsworth (which is my new unit of measurement) of whatever I needed. Jungle, city, desert, icy tundra, industrial complexes/spaceship interior; and for that I needed a heap of scatter terrain. I’m sure you’ve seen the term used before, used to describe typically smaller bits that can be used almost anywhere. Enter Mantic’s Terrain Crate: Industrial Accessories.
Yep, it’s another actual review. Lets jump in.
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X-Wing: My first tournament


A little while back I mentioned that I never meant X-Wing to ever become anything more than a little, occasional, fun time waster… well I entered (and ran) my first X-Wing tournament last week, down at Harlequins Blackpool. We have a group that meets down there every Saturday, 1:30PM till whenever we get chucked out (usually 7 ish), we’re not uber WAAC gamers, we’re just there to have fun. A little while back, when Tom (the charming, witty and dashingly handsome owner of Harlequins) asked me if I’d be interested in running a GNK for X-Wing in a few weeks time I was a but trepidatious, but foolishly I said yes. Fool…fool…
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40k Campaign Creator


Upon digging around in my external hard drive, I found this from AGES ago. Back in 5th or even 4th edition…Before Planetstrike, before Spearhead. Before the planetary empires box came out and made mapmaking easy, I tried to make a campaign creator thing. I’ve copied it here verbatim, so will need a tad of updating to run it now. If anyone gets anything useful out of this, I’ll be happy. So, without further ado:

Warhammer 40K:

Planetary Assault.

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Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game. An occasional gamer’s thoughts

Oh X-wing. You were meant to be a cheap game to keep kibby and I amused on occasion, but damn. The plastic crack has hit again, and hard.

Original trilogy starter set master race. None of your Mary Sue new trilogy T70 X-wings peasants here.

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